Prediction: Common link between Vettel & Hulkenberg


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How did I do for the last Grand Prix?

I think I’d call that a win, for both Charles and me.

The Moon moves into Cancer, which can see a deep need for security and a refusal to let go, can also cause people to be moody and possessiveness. A waning half moon sees a time for reflection and appreciating what you have accomplished, making way for the next cycle, starting with the New Moon. Sun squaring Moon sees an inner conflict and turbulent emotions that are incompatible. The Moon squaring Chiron sees emotional wounds and insecurity Mercury squaring Saturn can see a rigid thought pattern as well as a lack of confidence in your ideas. 




What can we expect to see at the Singapore Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – The World

What to look out for – Page of Spears

Outcome – Five of Swords


Mood for the weekend: The World

On the card is a map of Westeros; on the corners are the sigils of the four main families, the Stark’s, the Lannister’s, the Targaryen’s and the Baratheon’s.

This card is from the Major Arcana, this means the answers they give you are vitally important to the reading.

This card means this particular cycle of life is coming to an end, you have learned all the lessons you can, you’ve made choices, rectified mistakes and are now ready to take on the next cycle.

Contracts end and are not renewed for whatever reason, so now is the time to move on to bigger and perhaps better. There is nothing left for you in F1, you have learned all you can, it’s time to take what you’ve learned and take it with you to the next phase, WEC or Formula E maybe. (Hulk?)

This card is backing up the waning half moon, a time for recollection and appreciating what you’ve accomplished.


What to look out for: Page of Spears

On the card, a young Unsullied warrior looks out at the Grand Pyramid in Mereen.

The suit of spears represents the element of fire, which shows un passion, pizzazz, creativity and self will.

This is someone who is young, enthusiastic and creative, looking to start a new adventure.

Another win for a young driver maybe, someone being given a chance to show what he’s made of in FP1, or perhaps, following on from the last card,  someone who is going to start on a new adventure going out with a bang (not literally)


Outcome: Five of Swords

On the card, Bran Stark hands over Winterfell to Theon Greyjoy and his army

The suit of Swords represents the element of air, as well as communication, challenges and logic. 

This is a card has many meanings but they all look at defeat, the ability to win at all costs but not seeing the actual cost, ask yourself is what you’re fighting for worth is, saying words you’ll never be able to take back. I have a feeling this card is saying swallow your pride, this is a battle you know you can’t win, so stop fighting, regroup and put all your effort into planning the next battle. Bran had to admit defeat and hand over Winterfell to the Greyjoy’s but in the end, the Greyjoy’s fought for him and defended Winterfell.

Therefore, you need to ask yourself, is this war over, do I need to surrender this one battle and plan my attack for the next one or just keep fighting at any cost, even knowing the odds. This could be any number of teams on the grid, do you keep fighting on the off chance Mercedes have a bad day or do you admit this season is over and concentrate on next year, we’ve seen that Mercedes are vulnerable fighting behind other card, Lewis isn’t perhaps as sharp as he once was in close quarter racing. The youngsters are having a bit of resurgence and have become the darlings of the paddock; others don’t have that luxury and are just pawns in the political game.



This reading seems to be the Rise and Fall of the F1 driver, those that are out of contract and looking for a new career in another branch of motorsport, looking back on what was and what could have been. The young and talented driver looking to show what he’s made of, looking for an opportunity for a big drive by out doing a more established teammate and giving up on the current battle to give time to plans and strategies for winning the next battle and ultimately the war.

Not as clear-cut as the last one but an interesting battle nonetheless.




3 responses to “Prediction: Common link between Vettel & Hulkenberg

  1. Lewis isn’t as sharp as he once was in close quarter fighting……?????
    Who writes this rubbish?
    I was my powers of driving or anything else in life was as poor as Lewis Hamilton’s – 8 GP wins, 63 point advantage over his own team mate in the same car and not making hardly any mistakes at all?
    Wow, there’s a driver heading for the retirement door – NOT.

  2. I guess that’s the luxury of having a car that is so much quicker than everyone else. It means that you are able to drive well within your capabilities and therefore be under less pressure and hardly make a mistake.

    • That right there is a comment that shows how little is known or understood in the average punter these days – especially many of those inclined to frequent certain sites. Its what happens when the less informed just follow the click-bait type of story

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