“Paddock Insider”: Seb & Max to Mercedes, Lewis to Ferrari

Today during the post qualifying show on UK’s Channel 4 program, ex-team boss and TV pundit Eddie Jordan gives another one of his crazy predictions for driver movements in the coming years.

Renowned for making some mad predictions, and to be fair to Eddie in the past some were proven true, over the last few years his claims haven’t always happened. Probably due to the fact everyone knows he can’t keep a secret in front of a camera.

Headlines in the Italian media last year


His most famous one was in 2012 when he claimed Hamilton would jump ship from McLaren to Mercedes, which of course happened much to the utter disbelief at the time.

Today, after qualifying, Jordan claims that Vettel will either retire or move to Mercedes, joined by Max Verstappen. And Lewis will end up at Ferrari, along with McLaren switching back to Mercedes power. All happening in 2021.

Could this ever occur? I welcome your thoughts in the comments below.



Long run Data suggests: a Ferrari dark horse?

The troubles of the Ferrari were evident to all yesterday, with the team complaining of tyre graining hampering their pace, particularly on single lap qualifying pace.

Team boss Mattia Binotto confirmed the team’s limited pace over a single lap caused by “very high wear” on their front tyres. Ferrari in the qualifying simulation was quite close to Mercedes in the first two sectors but lost out hugely by half a second in the last.


Obviously the new track surface at Silverstone and increased cornering speeds putting the front-left tyre…….. READ MORE





5 responses to ““Paddock Insider”: Seb & Max to Mercedes, Lewis to Ferrari

  1. Hamilton to Ferrari? Doubt it. The Italian media are saying one of the reasons Ferrari want rid of Vettel is to reduce costs. Apparently they want, when combined, the drivers to cost no more than $30M a year. That reduction is being driven by Philip Morris cutting back what they pay Ferrari.

  2. $30M won’t even cover Hamilton’s wages + why would Hamilton want to walk away from more guaranteed titles while we still have these hybrid PU’s? No other team can get anywhere near to the Mercs!!

    • The Italian media are speculating that the Ferrari F1 team don’t have the money they used to with the loss of Santander sponsorship and the reduction from Philip Morris and no new major sponsors. Also as they are now listed company on the NYSE and have to meet a lot of financial standards they can’t engage in the creative accounting they once did.

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