Ferrari 2019 front wing leaked?

Sources in Italy seem to have been sent CFD concepts of the 2019 Ferrari front wing, a piece of aero critical to the new 2019 rule changes.

As revealed by TJ13, the new 2019 rules may well give Mercedes a serious lead in the 2019 development war.

By simplifying the front wing, teams may well be forced to reduce the amount of rake, or angle, the cars run at. Red Bull are known to run high rake, and Ferrari are not too far behind in their angles over the last season.

Mercedes run their car very flat, a concept they’ve excelled at since the team’s inception under Ross Brawn. The new front wing lends itself to this concept, thereby potentially giving Mercedes a development advantage for 2019.

This concept shows a clear development from the 2018 design

If the leaked Ferrari CFD drawings are to be believed, then it appears Ferrari are considering a similar front wing aero design to that of Mercedes.

The source reiterates that these have yet to manufactured for the wind tunnel, and may not be seen in testing. But it has been noted that the ‘non-thumb’ style nose of one concept was first instigated by James Allison in 2015, before his departure to Mercedes.

Front nose on this concept is a direct copy of the Mercedes concept

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