Ferrari boss launches attack on the press

Attending the Detroit motorshow, Ferrari and Fiat / Chrysler president John Elkann, successor to the late Sergio Marchionne, clarifies the situation after much speculation and rumour eminating from the Italian media.

With press interviews at Detroit providing numerous quotes, the president then writes an open letter to the main source of the speculation, one of Italy’s largest newspapers The Gazzetta, in an effort to ‘clarify’ the recent change at Scuderia Ferrari.

With the promotion of technical director Mattia Binotto, effectively replacing Maurizio Arrivabene, tongues wagged hard over the reports that a power struggle erupted in Ferrari after the demise of Marchionne.

Elkann dismisses this at Detroit, and also claims that Arrivabene wasn’t ousted or removed, simply that his contract was not renewed. Surely the same thing many might ask?

Further Elkann, the New York born Italian, takes the line that Binotto is the best person for the job saying that “there was the need to strengthen the organisational structure of the team.” and that Binotto is a “figure with unquestionable technical competence” according to Gazzetta de la Sport.

Regardless, it seems that Elkann is trying to put a lid on things and assert some control over what is being said in the papers about his team. Theresa May take note.

Commenting on the possibility for 19-year-old Mick Schumacher to become a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, John Elkann clarifies in Detroit that “I can not anticipate decisions Ferrari will make in the coming months. We are talking about this subject at the right time. “

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It’s worth noting that Andrew Benson at the BBC claims today that his sources within Ferrari say the deal has been done with Mick.

After the Detroit show, Elkann sends his open letter to the head of The Gazzetta, in effect attacking the media giant for publishing rumour on Ferrari.

“I have read with surprise words and opinions that are attributed to me, but which I have never pronounced so and do not agree with my opinion.” states Elkann.

“So I would like to clarify a few points!”

“The appointment of Mattia Binotto to the post of team boss of the Scuderia Ferrari corresponds to no change and no alleged internal disagreements.

“On the contrary, this choice of company was made in unison, in line with Maurizio Arrivabene, who has been working incessantly for four years to bring Ferrari back to the level where the racing team belongs. “

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Two days ago, TJ13 reported that sources within Italy seem to think that Arrivabene might actually stay within the Ferrari / Fiat-Chrysler family by moving to Sauber. Elkann’s statement certainly points toward a possible mutual agreement with Arrivabene.

Elkann continues…

“Mattia’s work is built on a foundation which has been laid in recent years, it springs from a continuity, an evolution, so there can be no talk of a break with the past.

“In general, I reject voices or fantasies that indicate a return to the past or further changes in our structure. I want to promote stability and concentration.” obviously citing the rumour that ex Ferrari boss Stefano Dominicalli could return to assist Binotto running the team, reported by TJ13 two days ago.

“Together, [with Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri], we will achieve our goals and I guarantee our customers and fans that we will be doing everything we can”

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