Offseason: Verstappen practices crashing into others for 2019

In the video below, Max Verstappen makes contact with another car in an iRacing practice session, and lets the other driver know he isn’t pleased.

Max Verstappen is well known for practicing his craft at home using the online simulation tool iRacing, and during this event he takes revenge on another competitor by crashing into them.

It has been commented by some that perhaps the Dutch driver with a reputation for anger management issues is already practicing his frustration venting techniques out for a no doubt disappointing 2019 season with Honda power.

The driver in question was traveling quite slowly heading toward Dingle Dell on the virtual version of Brands Hatch GP circuit during an F3 event.

Max spins as a result of having caught up rapidly at the right-hander of Sheene curve, waits for the driver to repass and then aims his car, ramming them both off the track just past Sterlings.

E-sports has become quite a serious business, and some might think that this is a none event, but in the past other pro-drivers have had their accounts suspended for similar actions. The rules are very clear that users must not take out others, no matter the reason.

Former F1 driver Scott Speed was the last pro-driver to be banned from iRacing, having exacted revenge in a very similar manner in February 2018. It’s unclear as yet if Max will receive the same action.

iRacing is one of the more complex simulation quality racing video games on console or PC. Gaming rigs can cost thousands in an effort to realistically simulate real racing. For instance, Scott Speed’s three-monitor rig with a high-performance driving wheel, was for sale at $7,500 recently as a 2nd hand item.

10 responses to “Offseason: Verstappen practices crashing into others for 2019

  1. This site is getting ridiculous. The Verstappen bashing that’s going on, is pretty much out of order and has nothing to do with satire. The people running this place are hilarious. Bunch of amateurs to say the least, and most of all…Verstappen haters

    • Actually if you look back a couple of years, we had much praise for the Duchman, and indeed during the season we’ve praised his drives (except at the beginning of this season of course).

      I’m afraid to say the most popular drivers do also command the most blinkered fans. At the beginnings of this site, we did criticise Alonso. Then had 100’s of Spanish supporters troll TJ13. Then when Vettel was winning everything with Red Bull, and both he and the team made stupid comments in the media, our critical writing was hacked down. Then of course the Hamfosi… well let’s not go there

  2. You all have obviously found F1 when Max entered. If you were regular visitors over the years you would know that no team or driver has ever been ‘targetted’.

    Take a look back over the years and you’ll find everybody has been fair game for the site. It’s about opinions and passion. Get a life!!

    • Nicely done SyracuseVerse! You’ve successfully guessed all the commentors IP address country of origin 😉

  3. OK, so lets park the targeting of specific drivers issue for one moment.

    This is basically a case of turning a non event into a sensationalist headline…..

    I have to ask myself “Is my knowledge or understanding of the sport enriched by this article”?

    “Does the site benefit from increased traffic and Social Media Hits?

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