Zak Brown exposes Haas, & claims McLaren won’t follow

F1 must address B-teams after ‘questionable on-track activities’ says Zak Brown, according to

The website say they posed questions to McLaren boss Zak Brown, and the team boss had plenty to say on the crisis in F1 that is the so-called ‘B teams’. Brown goes on to say that Liberty Media must address the problems faced by those outside of the top 3 teams – remember the days when we said the ‘top 4’ Zak?

“I think Liberty are going to address the ‘B team’ business model because I think it allows the ‘A teams’ to benefit from the B-teams,” he said.

“That benefit is everything from technical to political to on-track activities [we’ve seen] this year which I think people believe were questionable,”

It doesn’t take a genius to understand which teams he’s referring to, Haas and to some extent Sauber. Two teams supported by one of the top 3, naming no names…

“All three of those scenarios are not what Formula 1 is about and need to change for the health of the sport,” he added.

“And I believe they will. Liberty have that in their plan to address B teams and to what degree you can be a B team.”

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It’s known that Haas have punched above their weight by going a different way to the teams. Yes Sauber most certainly benefited from a closer relationship with Ferrari in 2018, but Haas have always had some questioning fingers pointed toward them, despite operating within the current rule framework.

Haas buy much of their car from Ferrari using F1’s ‘listed parts’ regulation, and it was not missed that the 2018 Haas car bore a striking resemblance to the 2017 Ferrari works car. There was much outcry from other teams before the season started.

McLaren: Haas formula 1 2018 car “Ferrari replica” & “Needs to be looked at closely”

They were justified too, with the smallest number of team members operating, and certainly the smallest budgets, Haas finished a respectable 5th, despite some unforced errors, throwing away points at the start of the season.

“Haas has done a very good job working within the rules that sit in Formula 1 today. However, our belief is a B-team will never be able to compete with an A-team.

“Therefore while going to that business model in the very short-term could potentially make you more competitive quicker and be potentially a better proposition I think you are giving up on any hopes of racing as a championship contender and that is McLaren’s intent.

“Therefore going to a B-team status you’re kind of throwing in the towel of being a championship contender.

“Therefore we think it is extremely important – I would say critical – that Liberty in the new Formula 1 world in 2021 address that so all teams can have a fair and equal chance to compete for the championship on an equal, level playing field.

“And I believe that’s what Chase [Carey, F1 CEO] will go through with.”

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    • Bravo, good comment. You are quite correct, Brown is an amateur and really found himself running one of the historically greatest teams in F1, with little creditial

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