Haas F1 VF-18 reveals Ferrari aero concept

The Haas F1 VF-18 is the first of the 2018 F1 cars to break cover, albeit as a digital render.

A surprise press release arrived in TJ13’s inbox at 3pm today, revealing the car design with a set of 3D computer renders. Apart from the Halo, the biggest reveal by the USA based team, is the copied aero concept Ferrari used in 2017.

The Italians negated the negative aero performance when the FIA mandated swept back sidepods by using their turning vanes to create a more aerodynamically efficient profile. This was one of the significant differences that gave the team a distinct advantage over the rest of the field in the early part of 2017. It appears the sister team to Ferrari (Haas), has followed their leader. It will be interesting to see in what direction the other teams will go.

More images are featured in the gallery below:



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7 responses to “Haas F1 VF-18 reveals Ferrari aero concept

    • Marchionne said it was something he was thinking about. Though Haas himself has said he’s not interested in being Ferrari’s “B” or “C” team

  1. What is introduced at a car’s unveiling is rarely if ever what shows up at the first race.

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