Brawn: London GP details revealed

Ross Brawn, motorsport technical boss at Liberty Media,

owners of Formula 1, has spoken about the possible London Grand Prix

An event said to be investigated by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Today UK newspaper The Guardian are reporting that Brawn thinks that a London Grand Prix would not replace Silverstone necessarily, but compliment it.

“We’d like to see London complement Silverstone, not replace it,” he said.

“We could see ways we could make it work for both sides.”

In a bid to allay fears from business and resident in the heart of London, Brawn claims that any race wouldn’t be in the heart of central London due to the likely disruption of holding a large scale event there.

“I think because F1 is a week-long activity minimum, the disruption it would cause in the centre of London would be unacceptable,”

“I don’t think Londoners really need to worry about us taking over the centre for a week. But there are things on the periphery that are being explored – not in the centre but Greater London.

“London is an iconic city with a massive history in the sport and there’s huge enthusiasm here.” says Brawn.

A spokesperson from London Mayor Sadiq Khan was quoted in July 2018 as saying that “The mayor believes it should be possible to organise a race in London and has asked his team to explore options with F1.”

6 years ago, F1 sponsor Santander proposed their virtual circuit in the heart of the city, ensuring the track passed by as many London points of interest as possible. Of course, such a track would be virtually impossible to hold, so sadly for some the concept remained just a virtual one. You can view a hot lap in the video player below.

With the very unlikely financial support of UK government mean that should a race occur, it’ would need private finance to be invited into a deal. With the failed Miami GP despite waiving of the race fee, one of F1’s largest sources of income, don’t hold out too many hopes we’ll see a 2nd UK Grand Prix anytime soon.

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