Big boss of Pirelli speaks out on Ferrari & Vettel

The man from Milan, Marco Tronchetti Provera (aged 70) and CEO of the entire Pirelli brand, speaks out on Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel.


In Italy, Provera holds some sway in the hearts and minds of the motorsport community, but is also (like all true Italians) a big fan of Scuderia Ferrari. Provera is also (like all true Italians), very passionate and emotional.

The CEO was interviewed earlier this week on the popular radio programme La Politica nel Pallone on the radio station GR Parlamento.

Rai Gr Parlamento is an Italian radio channel devoted to live coverage of proceedings in the Italian Parliament (Chamber of Deputies and Senate), the Presidency of the Italian Republic, thus providing those outside of Italy some insight into just how important the success of Ferrari is to the nation.

“Ferrari did a fabulous job in 2018, but the death of Sergio Marchionne rubbed off on morale” says Provera.

“Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene has done an excellent job, holding the team together in difficult times and maintaining competitiveness. We are close to the goal that all Italians long for – Ferrari can do it. ”


A superior Mercedes in 2018

It’s interesting to note that Provera echoes the same line that we hear from Sebastian Vettel, blaming the better car in Mercedes over any other factor.


Vettel explains his side of the story: Mercedes dominated, Marchionne & Max


“Mercedes once again proved its superiority” continues Provera,

“But Ferrari showed real speed. And I also see a Red Bull Racing returning to its former power.

“The outstanding aspect was how incredibly evenly Lewis Hamilton drove at the highest level. But moral counts a lot.

“While Sebastian Vettel is a big champion, there were moments when he lost a bit of confidence. Now when Charles Leclerc comes to his side, it can be a syringe of positive energy, a dose of youthful thrust. ”

It’s interesting that he did join Vettel in the statement on the car loosing out to Mercedes, as team boss Arrivabene thought Vettel’s mistakes lost the team the Championship more so than the team.


Vettel forces child to switch from Mercedes to Ferrari

On the commitment of his company, the Pirelli boss says: “We want to stay in Formula 1 and look forward to the technical challenge of switching to 18-inch wheels.

“Formula One remains the spearhead of motorsport, and the new owners of the sport are doing a good job. ”

A clear statement of intent to compete with Hankook, the newcomer soon to challenge for the contract to supply Formula 1 with it’s tyre supply.



Hankook looks set to replace Pirelli 2020 as Michelin pull out


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