Ricciardo: Give me Lewis’ car, I’ll be Champion

Despite the likeable Australian who has freely admitted to looking at Lewis Hamilton with nothing but admiration, he also concedes that given the same machinery, he’d be just as quick.

Racers will be racers, and there are none who reach the level of Formula 1 who’d ever be lacking in self doubt, therefore we shouldn’t be surprised that the Red Bull, soon to be works Renault driver, isn’t lacking in self-belief.

“Of course, my racing driver always thinks I’m the best,” the Australian clarified. He also believes that he would be in a direct comparison with Lewis Hamilton on the same level.

“If I was in the same car, then I could get the same performance.” claims Ricciardo.

Ricciardo is still impressed by Hamilton, who will very likely claim his fifth drivers title at Mexico this weekend. Again and again, Hamilton’s lifestyle with many travel and red carpet commitments isn’t appearing to be an issue when the might of Mercedes is focus on him and Ferrari prefer to trip over themselves.

“It’s pretty unbelievable that he has been consistently on track for around ten years, but he has done his own thing off the track as well.

“That he lives his life and shows such a performance on the track deserves admiration, ” says Ricciardo.


Although Hamilton has a 70 point lead over Sebastian Vettel, who must win in Mexico in order to save even a minimum chance. But this season has proven that you can do more on and off track, even if you have a fast car, says Ricciardo.

“You also have to retrieve your performance every week. Seb had a fast car for long stretches this year. But in the title fight, Lewis had pulled out a few more times the last percentage points, ”

” That he can maintain this level is quite strong. I have no problem praising him for it. Because he deserves that when he gets the fifth title. 100 percent this year.”

4 responses to “Ricciardo: Give me Lewis’ car, I’ll be Champion

  1. He is not getting the same performance that Max has in the same car and claims he would get that with
    So basically he is saying Max is better than Lewis?

  2. Let’s be brutally honest here, you could give Hamilton’s car and engine to most of the drivers on the grid and they would win the championship. His engine is so much more powerful than everyone else’s including Ferrari.

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