Vettel’s friend describes the man after Austin

Germany’s RTL TV expert commentator Timo Glock, former F1 driver himself, also happens to be Sebastian Vettel’s friend.

During the Grand Prix, Vettel made yet another costly error and span his car during the opening lap of the race. Meanwhile, his team mate Kimi Raikkonen won the race in a very quick Ferrari. What could’ve been…

“That was unnecessarily exciting,” sighed Sebastian Vettel after the Austin GP visibly disappointed.

Finishing 4th, despite making up ground after another costly mistake, this time contact between old Red Bull team mate Daniel Ricciardo, the German was obviously low having missed an ideal opportunity to make up lost points on Hamilton.

Hamilton finished only 3rd, so some might think that the Ferrari driver would be pleased, but the ex F1 driver and Vettel’s mate – Timo Glock, reveals that this is far from the case. Vettel is at an all time low point.

“After such a start, when the worst possible scenario has occurred, he can’t be happy. Especially not given the pace that the Ferrari had, as you could see at Raikkonen.

“He could have reduced his deficit to Hamilton today. ” says the 36 year old.

Glock added, “It hurts and you can tell.”

“I’ve rarely seen him like that before”

“He realised for himself that he made a mistake, and the way it happened – it’s deep. ”

“He has to cut it off completely and forget about it, so that he can do the best for the last three races and can start at the beginning.

“But we all know how much excitement is coming now, because the Italian press will certainly not hold back.

“That hurts and that’s why I feel with him. ” empathises Glock.

“He always seems to be in the wrong place somehow and at the wrong time, as was the case in Monza,”

“The hope for the last three races must now be that one made the step in the right direction and restored the stability and quality of the car.

“That you can beat Mercedes in these conditions, should now motivate him.”


Why has the Mercedes lost it’s speed in Austin?

The latest from reveals that Mercedes were requested to plug up the holes of their trick wheels with silicone to negate any aerodynamic effect.

Depending on who you ask, either the FIA demanded the change – seemingly back tracking on an earlier decision to ok the design, or Mercedes make the change themselves, anticipating a complaint lodged by Ferrari.

You can read more on this story by following the link below:

Mercedes trick wheel hubs: team forced to close up loophole in USA

2 responses to “Vettel’s friend describes the man after Austin

  1. Maybe, this is the turning point in his approach. Considering how Max was criticised early on this year for his driving errors, Vettel has been guilty of far worse mistakes. I’d suggest 2017 too contained multiple errors.
    If this causes a reassessment of how he goes racing, it could prove to be pivotal

    • but it’s clearly too little too late for 2018, in Mexico he’ll have to win to keep the WDC alive, and that’s not easy – red bull will be strong there too

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