Ferrari not cheating after all?

Ferrari have been cleared of any wrong doing by FIA

Only few days ago FIA established that Ferrari were not using excess oil beyond the permissible limit and today they have cleared Ferrari of any wrong doing in boosting energy through their energy recovery system.

FIA has been investigating the matter after Ferrari’s rivals raised suspicion.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting said that everything that Ferrari are doing is within rules.

“We had some concerns in Baku (at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April) that were difficult to explain and we worked through it with them,” said Whiting.

“(The rulebook) says that it is the duty of the competitor to satisfy the FIA that their car complies at all times and they were having difficulty satisfying us,” he added.

“Here, we are now satisfied.”

Charlie Whiting was of the opinion that this suspicion might be the result of outdated information which might have come from former Ferrari engine designer and former Ferrari technical head James Allison, both moved to Mercedes.

“The matter was exacerbated by unsubstantiated speculation that went through the paddock like wildfire,” noted Whiting.”

Earlier FIA asked Ferrari to install extra piece of hardware to monitor their ers system after Mercedes raised suspicion.

Whiting said, “We wanted to really get to the bottom of it and in Spain (two weekends ago), they took some measures to make sure we understood it more and that we were seeing things that we were happy with.”

Now that FIA has confirmed that everything is above board, teams have to lodge a protest if they are still not satisfied.

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  1. James Allen is a British journalist within F1. I’m guessing you mean James Allison

  2. “Ferrari not cheating after all?”

    Ferrari were found not to have done anything illegal – then why the question mark? Do you not believe / accept what the FIA announced?

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