News round-up: Lewis to sign a £40 million-a-year contract with Mercedes

Is Lewis close to signing a deal with Mercedes?

The answer appears to be yes if the grapevine turns out to be true. It is understood that the Brit will sign on the dotted lines before the start of the British Grand Prix next week.

Lewis Hamilton, who took the lead last Sunday after winning the French Grand Prix, is in last year of his current contract and could hammer a deal of £40 million-a-year with the Silver Arrows. It is believed that the contract will be for at least two years.


Even though there is no formal deadline announced for the contract to be signed, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff gave enough hint that the deal is around the corner.

“We don’t want to drag it out much longer,” Toto Wolff said. “I expect it to be done very, very soon.” He added further: “Maybe it is about choosing the right moment.”

Currently, both drivers’ seats at Mercedes for 2019 season and beyond are vacant and it appears that for the third year in a row Lewis Hamilton will partner Valtteri Bottas who also yet to sign his new contract.

Good governance comes to motorsport


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FIA President Jean Todt in Brussels signed a pledge, with the European Commission, to implement good governance in sport.

With this pledge, FIA commits itself to implement the basic principles of Good Governance in Sport – Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Democracy, Participation and Inclusivity.

As per FIA website, Jean Todt declared, “Sport has dramatically changed past years. Sports organisations have to face new challenges and therefore have to adapt to this changing environment.

“The pledge signed today with the European Commission is an important commitment from the world of motorsport. The principles of good governance are not only words. They are fundamental requirements of the 21st century to run and govern our sport.”

F1 set to release definite 2021 engine regulations this week

FIA earlier committed itself to finalise the 2021 engine regulations by June, and it appears that they will honour this deadline. A definitive document on engine regulations will be shared with the manufacturers at the end of Austrian Grand Prix.


FIA race director Charlie Whiting said, “It’s very complicated. There’s meeting after meeting after meeting going on these things, and the reports I get on this appear to be very detailed, so they are going into fine detail.

“So I’m fairly confident that it’s getting to the end of that process, and at the end of that process, we’ll have a far more detailed idea of what the power units will be in 2021.”

According to, Charlie Whiting also said that the June end target was not to facilitate discussion by the team bosses at the next Strategy Group meeting on July 4th.

He said, “Not necessarily. It was just a date that we felt that was necessary to get it done by. It might get talked about, but it’s not connected with the Strategy Group. The manufacturers are involved in it, that’s why it’s taking quite a long time because they are toing and froing on everything.”

Though Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff suggested that among other discussions, power unit will also be discussed.

Wolff said, “The engine, it needs a lot of lead time, therefore the earlier the better it is. The solution that we need to find is how can we avoid parallel costs of developing two power units.

“Obviously, our fight with our friends from Honda, Renault and Ferrari will continue until the very last race of 2020. And at the same time, the moment the rules are ratified, everybody needs to work on the other power unit. So this is I think one of the key points we need to discuss from July 4.”


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