Sneak peek at Mercedes & Ferrari 2019

On the 1st of May, Formula 1 announced aero ‘tweaks’ to encourage overtaking next year, attempting to reduce the disrupting effects of aero wash when cars try to follow one another.

radical nose for spanish grand prix

The press release from Liberty Media, F1’s new management, shows that the rules governing aero will be:

  • Simplified front wing, with a larger span, and low outwash potential
  • Simplified front brake duct with no winglets
  • A wider and deeper rear wing

Ross Brawn, technical boss of Formula 1 had this to say:

“One of the key episodes of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was the collision between team mates Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. I don’t want to comment on who might be held responsible or how a team should manage these issues during a race, but I do think the Steward’s decision to reprimand both drivers was the right course of action.

“But I would like to highlight a technical point. Once Daniel had settled for his line, and Max had changed direction blocking that line, the Australian became a passenger. The downforce loss experienced by Ricciardo in the wake of Verstappen’s car would have made it unstoppable. We often think of downforce applying in cornering, but the impact the extra grip has in braking is huge. Take away that grip in braking and what happened on Sunday was inevitable.

“Whilst this was a very severe example, it did highlight once more the need of finding a way to develop the rules to make the cars more raceable in these conditions.”

It was a surprise to most that the changes were agreed upon, Ferrari in particular kicking up a stink. In fact, during the Spanish GP last weekend the rumour in the paddock was that Ferrari agreed last minute in payment for not being punished for dubious technical infringements from the start of this season. Click on this link to read more on that one.

The changes agreed for 2019 will likely slow the cars down by nearly 2 seconds a lap, and make the cars appear a little more simpler than what we’ve become used to.

TJ13 conceptual industrial designer Olcay Tuncay has drawn up his vision of what we should expect to see next year.

6 responses to “Sneak peek at Mercedes & Ferrari 2019

  1. ”The changes agreed for 2019 will likely slow the cars down by nearly 2 seconds a lap, and make the cars appear a little more simpler than what we’ve become used to.”
    – To be precise, the estimated figure is 1.5 seconds, though, and that isn’t the same as ‘nearly’ 2 seconds.

    • Since when is an estimate precise? The lap time varies depending on who you count as a source

  2. Nothing stays the same in this sport. There are always improvements being developed. What is lost in speed under the new regulations will be gained back in other ways.

  3. Modern cars really don’t rely on aero to help them drive, Its the engine. So with in F1 aero should be made simpler and ground effect be a bigger part of the car. This has been obvious for years. Us un educated F1 fans can see what is needed but the teams push against this.

    The sport needs viewers to gain sponsors. If people didn’t watch the sport no company would sponsor teams and the teams would not exist, as all so the drivers. So why do they exclude the fan so much. If it wasn’t for the fan there would be no F1.

    The sport has got too elitist and needs to change or the sport will fail.

    To finish – it has been obvious for years that the front wing needed to change, and this is from a fan. Do they think we are all stupid or something.

    Get a life you F1 peeps in charge.

  4. I doubt it will have much if any effect, as designers will try and make the air as ‘dirty” s possible, when it comes off the front and rear wings so cars following will still have to deal with a lot of turbulent air. Of course that wouldn’t happen if everyone used a spec front and rear wing – which is what Liberty ultimately want. Then Liberty can move on to putting spec bodywork around the spec engine…….

  5. I’d like to see a spec series f1, finally it might be the ultimate motorsport where we see the best race teams and best drivers win.

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