Jenson Button move to Japanese Super GT formula for 2018 on Radio 2 interview


Appearing on the Chris Evans breakfast show on Wednesday morning Jenson confirmed that he WILL be racing in 2018 but “NOT in Europe, mostly in Japan”

He confirmed he knew all the details but could not officially make an announcement until contracts had been formally signed. When questioned by BBC presenter and friend Chris Evans and sports correspondent Vassos Alexander, he did not deny any of their embellishments that speculated the racing series and that “it must be with Honda as they love you and you love them”. Button agreed that was correct.

He told the BBC breakfast show that he decided to officially retire from F1 duties after the Monaco GP where he stood in for Alonso for his Indy 500 Debut.  He said he loved it, but he realised it was time to “make way for the young chargers”

Jenson Button made his Super GT debut in the Suzuka 1000km race this year with Honda, finishing 12th

Earlier this year he told the press that “I will be definitely doing something next year for a full season,” the Englishman said. “Whether it’s here (Japan) or in America or somewhere else, I don’t know yet.

He continued: “But the discussions are underway. We’ll see how this weekend goes. If it goes well and if I enjoy the weekend, which I think I will, then maybe I could be racing here next year.”

Looks like it’s settled then.  I wonder if Le Mans is on the cards too?


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