Porsche has an F1 engine already, an easy fit for Red Bull – TJ13 F1 Roundup

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Porsche already has an F1 engine in the works!

Porsche is keeping a close eye on F1’s developments and even admits that it has ‘high efficiency engine’ under development which could become the basis of an F1 project.

Porsche is keeping its core LMP1 team together however, fuelling speculation that its expertise could eventually be put to good use… in F1.

“We need all of these (LMP1) people in the future,” Porsche’s research and development chief Michael Steiner told Auto Motor und Sport.

“The great team we built for LMP1 is highly motivated and represents an enormous wealth of knowledge,” he explained.

“So it is a good idea to have a concrete plan for the engineers, mechanics and even for the drivers.”

Porsche’s representatives sat in recently on Formula 1’s latest working group meetings chaired by F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn, in charge of defining the sport’s future engine platform.

“Like other manufacturers, we at the invitation of the FIA are participating in the discussions about the future Formula 1 powertrain,” Steiner admitted.

“The team at Weissach is not working on an F1 engine at the moment, but it is working on a high-efficiency engine at the concept level — without a decision about what we are doing with this engine,” he said.


Horner ‘wants more’ from Renault

Although Christian Horner acknowledges Renault’s efforts, he admits he “wants more” from Red Bull’s engine supplier.

“We’ve got an agreement with our current engine supplier for the foreseeable future,” the team boss told Sky F1.

“You always want more, they’re working hard, they’re investing and have their own team now which means they need a competitive engine.

“We’re hopeful they keep making progress.”


Mercedes F1’s Lewis Hamilton Apparently Also Is Honda Brand Ambassador

Although the picture was advertising a Honda motorcycle, rather than a car, we’re still surprised that Mercedes allows him to promote Honda Motorcycles. Mercedes doesn’t produce dirt bikes, but Mercedes-AMG has a 25 percent stake in Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Augusta, which is one of Honda Motorcycles’ competitors.


Button preps for the Suzuka 1000km in SuperGT

Mercedes keen to lock up Valtteri Bottas for 2018

Mercedes has opened initial contract talks with Valtteri Bottas about an extension for 2018 and hopes to have his future resolved by the Singapore GP, team boss Toto Wolff has said.

“It’s a good time to talk and to think things through,” Wolff said.

“We had some good discussions with Valtteri before Hungary and I’d certainly like to dash over to Asia for the final races with a decision.”

Bottas has insisted there is no rush to get an extension signed.

“There could be some progress to be made on that during the break because obviously the last month has been pretty hectic,” Bottas said.

“It’s been difficult to have proper meetings and discussions with so many races. For sure there is some time but there is no rush, we don’t need to get anything done before Spa.”



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  1. 1. How, where and why does anything in the article about porsche make reference to anything about a good fit for red bull? It’s only a matter of days since the speculation was of torso rosso on being given used as a mule for red bull using Honda engines before the switch by the senior team as well…. now it’s all about porsche?!

    2. Lewis has a very specific relationship with mv augusta already

    Classic tj13 clickbait

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