Watch Vettel’s pole lap in Hungary annihilate Schumacher’s 2004 record – TJ13 F1 Roundup

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Watch Vettel’s pole lap in Hungary annihilate Schumacher’s 2004 record

Yet more pole lap records are broken in 2017 with the new era technical regulations and here we see Sebastian Vettel with an interesting direct comparison with Michael Schumachers pole lap back in 2004. It’s interesting because there’s been virtually no track changes in Hungary ever. There are obvious differences between the cars of these two eras however. Back in 2004 the cars had a degree of traction control, high downforce levels but they qualified on race fuel loads and were hampered by grooved tyres.

Halo goes against the spirit of F1 design – Alain Prost

Four-time F1 world champion Alain Prost is not a fan of the halo cockpit protection system, and despite having been a big advocate of safety during his time as a F1 driver, the Frenchman says it goes against the ethos of the sport.

“I was always defending and supporting safety – but I cannot say I am happy about the Halo.

“It is against the spirit of the design and beauty and DNA of Formula 1 and the single-seater DNA.

“It is difficult to say this for me, because you cannot ever say you do not want to improve the safety which is vital and important in this sport. But personally for me I don’t like the look of it.”

Brown weighing options on Alonso’s Indy future

A game of intercontinental chess is playing out between Verizon IndyCar Series and Formula 1 teams that could determine when – or if – Fernando Alonso appears in an IndyCar again.

If Andretti and the Zak Brown-led McLaren team both stick with the Japanese brand, a second attempt to win the Indy 500 as co-entrants could be little more than a formality. Should either side move forward with a new manufacturer, the odds become less favorable.

“[It’s] 50-50; it could make a difference or not make a difference,” Brown told RACER. “It really depends where our Honda relationship goes as to whether it’s important there would be a Honda engine in the car.”

Hulkenberg: Robert Kubica’s Renault F1 test ‘quite impressive’

Though Hulkenberg emphasised that he did not “have much information” as he “wasn’t on site” for the test, he said what he did find out had impressed him.

“I had some information and I obviously saw the lap times,” Hulkenberg told Autosport at the Gamma Racing Days event at Assen.

“I think for him personally [it was] obviously a great comeback. After the severe accident and injuries he had to come back and drive a modern Formula 1 car, and to do 140 laps just like that, is quite impressive. Especially at a track like Budapest, which is very physical. So respect for that. And I think the performance seemed alright.”

Lewis Hamilton mowing a lawn

And to finish off today’s Daily News and Comment roundup, here we have Lewis mowing a lawn. Even world champions can sometimes do menial tasks. During the summer break, the F1 driver decides to help out his ‘best friend’ with a spot of gardening.

11 responses to “Watch Vettel’s pole lap in Hungary annihilate Schumacher’s 2004 record – TJ13 F1 Roundup

  1. For the record, I’m with Prost.

    The only acceptable arguments against Halo are non-technical – “not-in-the-spirit” and “ugly”.

    • I disagree. It hasn’t been tested anywhere near enough in real world conditions. As an example, drivers won’t be able to see the start lights properly (the FIA haven’t said how they intend to fix that), they haven’t even done a practice start with 5 or 6 cars in different grid positions to assess a “halo” start and there are issues with it altering depth of field. And having to double the allowable amount of time to get out of a car doesn’t strike me as increasing safety.

      • Insufficient testing is a timing thing, not a reason to stop. The concept is sound. Testing will refine the design not kill the project.

        The FIA will move the start lights or mount something in the cockpit for the drivers to augment the traditional overhead ones.

        I don’t think Halo will affect peripheral vision much, so starts don’t present a special hazard. The halo’s rear mounts are sitting aft of the raised section of cockpit on the examples I’ve seen.

        Depth of field change is just something else to get used to. Visors on helmets muck with vision vs. naked eye and no one complains about that anymore. Visor tear-offs give slightly out of focus vision too but they are worth the trade-off to get clear (albeit slightly blurred) vision on demand.

        Extra cockpit exit time is not ideal but it’s more than balanced with the gain in head protection. Which situation is likely to occur more frequently – the need for head protection vs the need to exit the cockpit inside the prescribed time limit?

        I’ve said before that I think the need for extra head protection has been overstated and nothing needs to change. BUT given that the sport has already decided to do something, the Halo is the best solution to date.

  2. So this yrs cars are around 2.5 sec faster than a 13 yr old F1 car with full tanks and grooved rubber?? much for progress 😉

  3. Brown weighing options on Alonso’s Indy future
    “If Andretti and the Zak Brown-led McLaren team both stick with the Japanese brand, a second attempt to win the Indy 500 as co-entrants could be little more than a formality.”

    Lets say Alonso stays with McLaren. Lets also say he’s in the top three in points going into Monaco next year. Anyone think it’s a “formality” that Alonso foregoes Monaco for the Indy 500?

  4. Not to mention the amount of extra speed Vettel takes into turn 4 because the inside curb is almost flat and the out side run-off is a mile wide.
    Schumi has to tread carefully through there as the curbing was much higher then, ..he then loses speed all the way to chicane.

    On a big open circuit the 04 cars still have the edge for me. Watch the quali sessions from indy in 04 and you’ll soon see…

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