Driver of the weekend: 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

Who was your driver of the 2017 Hungarian GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

7 responses to “Driver of the weekend: 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. Vettel bringing a wounded car (for the majority of the race) home in first place is worth a mention.. With help from Ferrari, yes. But still have to do it.

    • RickyD was actually also torpedoing into the space in front of him … for obvious reasons. And Max was intentionally locking up his tires for our entertainment … bad boy … they should cancel his racing license!

  2. Vandoorne for getting his first point and Di Resta doing a very credible job as literally a last second call-up

  3. Fernando hands down.
    Wrang the most out of the McLaren and it’s useless Honda engine. No wonder Mercedes and Ferrari will not give current engines to McLaren or Red Bull as they would probably embarrass their factory teams. Podium/birthday/holiday celebration was priceless and got laughs out of my brother and I. Unlike dipsh-t Brundle/Bungled, we as well as most fans see the humor in it.

    • I too voted for Alonso, but let’s not go overboard. They qualified 8th and 9th, so the car was not that bad.
      He moved up two places due to retirementsome.

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