Rate the Race: 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

How would you rate the 2017 Hungarian GP? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

6 responses to “Rate the Race: 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

    • Yep. Monaco without the walls, the history, the prestige, …

      And we got to see the staggering folly of the bone-headed 2017 aero regulations on show. Diabolical.

      Special mention for the Sky commentators who repeatedly got excited over how quickly the following cars were able to close on Kimi’s gearbox only to hit the turbulent air wall and be forced to hover 1.5 seconds back. These guys are experts?

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsAnother turgid Hungaroring “race”. The locals deserve better. Get the diggers in and redesign the whole place. Why any race series goes there when the awesome Brno is just 3.5 hours north is beyond me. I’ve been, the people are great, Budapest is a superb city, the atmosphere is always good but that track…dig it up and start again

  2. So Ferrari are back to their old tricks – Kimi you are a No.2 driver and must not win.

    As for the Hungaroring, there was more excitement watching Ricardo doing donuts on a London street. As Damon Hill showed in1997, even an Arrows-Yamaha could win at this track, and if a 50p seal had not failed he would have.

    Time for some changes, but also get rid of all the stupid aero devices that stop people closing up and overtaking.

  3. 3. Without rain the race is a procession – like every F1 race held there since 1986

  4. 3
    Nothing happened apart from Verstappen’s 1st lap stupidity, Alonso’s slick overtake of Sainz and Maggies post race spat with Hulk.
    Typical Hungarian GP. Need to be changes at this unimpressive circuit. Easy as going straight on at turn 6 instead of that Mickey Mouse right left and straight at turn 12 instead of turning right to a hairpin at 13 followed by another hairpin at 14. For God’s sake just don’t involve Tilke and his clowns. Already messed up too many tracks and ruined the Peraltada curve in Mexico.

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