Verstappen: More criticism at Red Bull – Is his time up?

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Frustrated Verstappen says Red Bull problems “shouldn’t happen”

STORY: F1 Fanatic

“It’s not really nice to be in fifth,” said Verstappen, who was bumped down from third by the two Ferraris at the end of Q3.

Verstappen was quickest in both practice sessions yesterday but lost time due to a stoppage in final practice.

“Of course the problem in P3 was not ideal,” he said. “But also in Q2 I had some issues with going to the limiter, the engine was cutting out a bit. So that was not good.”

“And then in Q3 my final lap where it of course counts I was three tenths faster than my previous lap time and then I lost gear sync so on the straights just losing a lot of lap time. Which is of course very painful. We need to get on top of that because it shouldn’t happen.”

Verstappen said his engine problem in qualifying was “more or less similar” to the one he experienced in practice. “And then we fixed it, and it was fine. But then we lost gear sync in Q3 again. A lot of issues, we need to get on top of it.”

However Verstappen drew some encouragement from his car’s performance following Renault’s latest revisions.

“You can see there is a bit more horsepower, so that’s good,” he said. “But we always want more.”

“I think in general on this track of course I’m a bit disappointed at the moment with fifth, even with all the issues, we should have been third.”

“So I think we definitely made a step forward with such long straights. The second sector where all the corners are we are in the fight so that’s good.”

Alonso: ‘Yes! Our speed is that slow’


“I think the start of the lap probably they get confused, because our speed is that slow, that they think probably we go to the pit lane, we are in a slow lap.”

Baku “most painful weekend ever” for McLaren’s Boullier


“I guess you know my answer,”

…said Boullier when asked to sum up the situation.

“I’m a racer like these guys [the drivers], so this is the most painful weekend I’ve ever had, I think.”

Wolff warns Eddie Jordan to stop putting fake news out

STORY: Crash.Net

“I am ready for any banter with Eddie but for me I stop laughing when it is about making jokes on the back of 1500 employees that care about their future.”

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow everything is going to be much better: Mclaren-Honda team director

STORY: Trend News Agency (posted yesterday)

“410 Gone” …ahem Story taken down

‘Lost’ Romain Grosjean: I need to do a better job


“The problem is that I don’t get the feeling and therefore I am not getting the best out of the car,” Grosjean explained. “There’s a lot of things that could be better on the car but I am not saying that’s why we are out, I’m just saying that when things are wrong in that aspect and I don’t’ get the feedback that I want, I am struggling to find where I should put the car.”


STORY: F1 Today

“It’s the best qualifying position in my career and I am very happy about how the session went,” Ocon said. “I made a tiny mistake on my fastest lap and that probably cost me a position, but as a team we have been improving every step of the way.”


STORY: The Checkered Flag

“It’s not the wall’s fault, obviously, I’m not blaming the wall! There was no other reason, I was just pushing hard and on the edge of the grip.”




3 responses to “Verstappen: More criticism at Red Bull – Is his time up?

    • It’s been clickbaity for years. Used to be good until around 2015 then it just got into silly Hamilton clickbait rubbish. Now they’re more angling for Vestappen. Same old same old, just a new driver.

      • Wrong. It was anti Vettel first. Then anti Hamilton. Then anti verstappen. Now anti Perez. What a dick. But now ocon crashed in to Perez so it might shift to anti ocon. What a dick².
        (but I still think ocon will be champ someday. And Perez won’t. But I’m not the judge so who am I to judge?)

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