Ferrari Third Generation PU – promises big gains for Baku.

C-sUB3VUIAEtS8oAccording to La Gazzetta Dello Sport newspaper Ferrari are seeking to address the gap between themselves and the Mercedes by bringing a third evolution team engine. The main upgrade is reported to be focussed on internal combustion thus maximizing combustion to produce more power and torque and presumably efficiency.

Confidence from dyno testing seems to be running high (hope their results are more accurate than Hondas!) and Ferrari obviously feel the risk of losing points or worse an engine penalty later on in the season through lack of reliability is negligible given the “huge” hike in power the alleged upgrade promises to offer.

This after all, is a high-speed circuit, with long straights. Unofficially the fastest ever recorded speed of an F1 Car during a race was recorded during qualifying last year on the Baku circuit.

Little technical detail is available at this stage, other than this is part of their “aggressive Approach”, all or nothing for Baku to retake the constructors championship and to extends Vetell’s lead in the drivers campaign.

If these reports from the Italian press are true, perhaps Lauder will get his “only one retirement” he said Mercedes-AMG needs to keep the championship alive (was this political game play from Lauda?), or perhaps it will be an upgrade that will prove to be a key factor in who wins the 2017 championship.

Enzo-Ferrari-ilI have to say I quite like the style and confidence from Ferrari on this one, but then we should expect that from the only car producer that exists because the owner build F1 cars first, and has been around since that very first GP in Silverstone.


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  1. “Unofficially the fastest ever recorded speed of an F1 Car during a race was recorded during qualifying last year on the Baku circuit.”

    The straight at Baku is certainly one of the fastest – but the Williams claim of Bottas doing 234Mph doesn’t stand up when investigated.

      • Williams made the claim but never released the data. Bottas went through the speed trap at 227Mph and Williams claimed he picked up another 7Mph simply by slipstreaming Verstappen. Everybody I’ve read said that as Bottas was already using DRS the slipstream gain would be negligible, and there wasn’t enough distance from the speedtrap until where he would have to start braking to gain that extra speed.

  2. The owner didn’t build F1 cars from the first GP at Silverstone. He was building racing cars from 1947. He continued building racing cars, both single seaters and sports cars until 1973.

    His history dates back to the pre war Alfa Romeo team also. Otherwise yes, only manufacturer that has been consumed by Motorsport before personal wealth and road cars.

  3. Whoever wrote this article is just a wasted hateful idiot. Ferrari wirry avout reliability especially? Oh yea compared Merc who so many so far…wakeup

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