Todt – “MORE THAN ONE” new entrant on horizon.

Jean Todt – MORE THAN ONE newcomer, at some point… More news from 2017 FIA Sport Conference in Geneva.
There has been much talk this week about a “Chinese Consortium” considering entering future championships, however thanks to the wonder of electronic communications and following receiving live reports from the conference, TJ13 can confirm there is MORE THAN ONE newbie to express an interest.

International Automobile Federation (FIA) president Jean Todt continued his speech and suggested that since Formula One currently has 10 teams, down from 11 in 2016, (Referring to Manor) that there is space for more”

“When we feel it is time, we will be able to make a tender. At the moment we have 10 teams and the idea is to have up to 12,”

“So we have an opportunity, if we have one or two strong newcomers it could be possible. There are always rumours, but we have had some interest from some teams.”

jt_4Todt continued, and almost squashed the idea of a new entrant next year, he said

“it would be foolish to think anything could be done in time for 2018, however.”

All this talk about NEW teams however does raise a question about how NEW they might be? Obviously this SHOULD not include any potential team buyouts and name changes, and rumour has it there are a few options here that might make more financial sense to someone wanting to find a cheaper route and hit the track running.

Its more likely in my mind that the 18/19 grids will appear different but not necessarily be added to, unless the Banbury outfit has found a buyer and has been working secretly out of the developmental eye and restrictions that bind them once they sign the dotted line.. But we would have heard about that…surely?


6 responses to “Todt – “MORE THAN ONE” new entrant on horizon.

  1. Cant see why any new teams are seriously considering joining F1 with Mr Ferrari bias Toad in charge!! Now Ecclestone has been dumped, its time to get a new President for the FIA so Ecclestone can get his arm out of Toads a55hole!

  2. Talk of budget caps and more evenly distributed revenue, and immediately teams are interested. Manor, Caterham and HRT were all promised the same…

  3. The current Concorde Agreement runs until the end of 2020 which means that only the top 10 teams receive a FOM payout. Is Liberty going to payout more money if those 2 new teams do actually become a reality and compete, or simply slice up the pie 12 ways instead of 10 after 2020? We might see a fight between the FIA and Liberty about the issuance of new F1 team licenses.

  4. Don’t see any viable teams wanting to come into the sport before 2020. Money involved is prohibitive and as things stand FOM funding doesn’t kick in until after the second year providing a team places 10th or better.
    Haas F1 was smart to become a Ferrari partner and they have a respectable budget. Since the aim is to grow business internationally their participation is basically advertising for Haas. Once FOM money kicks in next season their “advertising” costs will lower considerably.
    For a new team to have a reasonable chance of being a midfield runner they have to:
    A. Be a partner to one of the main constructors (AMG Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull)
    B. Have backing from a major automobile manufacturer engine wise (VAG, Hyundai, Toyota)
    C. New factory team committed to the sport for the long term

    Budget caps don’t have a place in F1 plain and simple. If a new team feels this will give them a better chance of being a frontrunner perhaps they should focus on a spec series or similar. F1 is about pushing technical and mechanical limits. The majority of fans watch to see the drivers push cornering limits and hopefully pass their rivals on the way to victory/podium or points positions. Pit stop strategy and the time it takes to complete it is interesting as well. Nobody tunes into see a fuel sipping contest or who manages the tires better.

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