Verstappen wins the Australian GP?! – Vote for your Melbourne prediction


This is it, my Dutch friends. The first chance to vote for Max! I know he’ll be winning the next 20 ‘Driver of the weekend’ polls, but why not give him one more. Therefore this little poll to see whom we think will win the first Grand Prix of the new season. Unfortunately, my vote won’t go to the golden boy, but one more or less won’t affect him. I’ll be giving mine to ‘Ze German in ze red automobile’. Because, well you know… Fanboi’s to fanboi’s, no need to say more!

Oh, and don’t you worry Hamfosi’s, you can join in too! the more, the merrier. I have to admit, it crossed my mind to leave Lewis off the list. Just to piss you off, haha. But I’ll play nice. The season hasn’t even started. May the man with the most fans at Tj13 take second place, behind Max. Good luck to all of them.


9 responses to “Verstappen wins the Australian GP?! – Vote for your Melbourne prediction

  1. “Verstappen wins the Australian GP?!

    Wasn’t Ickx the last Belgian driver to win a GP? 🤣

  2. I’m with Kimi.
    Max’ time will come again and again.

    But this is kimi’s last season to shine and show ‘m

  3. I thought that the Australian border patrol had a ban on imported orange? ..Well Bruznic, i do think that Max might luck into a single race Victory but sadly it won’t be in Australia, i t could be Austria but i am sure Dan will have something to say in the matter 😇
    This race/series will see a rise of the Red’s. Kimi will come good and Vettel will remember Mexico. As for Lewis..Well at least he has his music😎

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