Final evidence we will see an orange McLaren

The off season leading up to the first winter testing is a barren wilderness of much speculation and little evidence.

Many McLaren fans contract a strange want and need to see their favourite team relive past glories manifested by a compulsion to speculate on the car livery colour.

Yes they desire their team to get back to the podium and relive all of those World Championships (last constructors in 1998 remember… how long ago??) but always the first thing on their minds is ORANGE.

Orange, the national colour of the Netherlands. Orange, an agent used in anger during a conflict in South East Asia in the 70’s.


But why did McLaren use orange during those initial few years? Some say to honour a sponsor’s orange livery, whilst others claim that it was appropriated by the team as the national racing colours of New Zealand, homeland of Bruce McLaren. Either way, it certainly made the car stand out!

‘McLaren Orange’ quickly fizzled out when corporate sponsors played an increasing role in Formula . However the logo and Can-Am, Formula 2 and Formula 5000 cars continued to sport distinctive papaya.

Perhaps decades of Ron Dennis shades of Grey has conditioned McLaren fans to want to return to this snazzy colour… Perhaps they’re just a party bunch, longing to break down in a fit of Orange fuelled ecstasy? Perhaps.

Well McLaren fans, 2017 might just be your year


Last night, the official McLaren app updated and indeed hinted that the most elusive of liveries could well be returning to a race weekend near you. A tiny little strip of Zak Brown Orange encroaching the sea of Ron Dennis Grey.

Surely a sign that Fernando Alonso will be F1 WORLD CHAMPION AGAIN!

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    • That’s not orange, its copper 😉

      But speaking of batteries what an untapped market in suppliers, branding and marketing.

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