Final Manor-vering to stay in F1 & 2016 cars to be used

A multi-million Manor is on the market. Would you care for it’s estate?

Last week financial problems became clear when part of the Manor F1 organisation fell into administration last week.

Administrators have received interest to buy the team, but that is provided the buyer can take over all 3 relevant entities. This means the administrators (and buyers) have to deal with Manor’s original owner Fitzpatrick. The latter still holding control of Just Racing Ltd and Manor Grand Prix Racing (the F1 license holder)

According to reports, the potential buyers have given a deadline of January 20 (tomorrow!) for a final decision. This deadline should ensure the buyers enough time to make preparations and get the team physically on the grid for the Australian Grand Prix. Any later would jeopardise the effort, they have argued.

TJ13 estimates this kind of argument is no more than an attempt the create some pressure. If the deadline passes: will that mean the offer will be off the table? Hard to guess. However, with the count-down to the first Grans Prix of the season continuing, realism dictates that a decision cannot be put of indefinitely. Fitzpatrick will have to make a decision.

TJ13 believes the buyers could be an Asian consortium, with whom Fitzpatrick was already discussing a sale some months ago. The consortium pulled out when Manor lost 10th place in the championship. Whatever happened to Tavo Hellmund, and was there a role for Haas? Haas blocked early payments to Force India, effectively blocking this route for Manor. Could this have been an effort to make Manor vacate the Banbury location? This might be a bridge too far, but we know F1 is becoming an aquarium for some larger sharks…

As far as we know, Manor has made most preparations for the new season, and the car is ready for production. Since Just Racing Services is under administration, a stop is put on all further spending. A big question will be personnel: they have to decide to gamble if the team will survive, or that they should start looking for other jobs. If personnel leaves, things will disintegrate rapidly, and we picked up that Torro Rosso and Renault are already sniffing up some legs…

In a bid to buy more time, we have seen reports that Manor has requested FIA to start the season in their 2016 car. Your’s truly can only comment that this would probably be a bad idea.  Although the 2016 car was a step up from the year before, the 2015 car being revamped 2014 car (for reasons which are similar to today’s), it wasn’t really the fastest on the grid. Imagine what it will do against cars designed keeping to 2017 regulations?

2017 will be a lot faster than 2016, and teams think they will shave off around 3-4 seconds a lap. Manor was around 2-3 second off the pace in 2016, adding 3-4 seconds would make the gap 5-7 seconds. The old Manors would be taken off the grid faster than we could say “107% rule”.

5 responses to “Final Manor-vering to stay in F1 & 2016 cars to be used

  1. “This deadline should ensure the buyers enough time to make preparations and get the team physically on the grid for the Australian Grand Prix. Any later would jeopardise the effort, they have argued.”

    As far as I understand any team can miss three consecutive races and provided they race in the next race they still keep their FIA license. If that’s the case, Manor don’t need to have the 2107 car ready until Russia which is at the end of April.

  2. Your math is a bit flawed, if the other cars make a 3-4 second jump, that doesn’t mean that their cars will fall behind by the full 3-4 seconds. For one they will also get the big tires, furthermore they will keep the ’16 chassis, but they will of course put the big wings (and more) on their car. So, no it won’t be perfect, but don’t think that they won’t make progress from their ’16 lap times…..

    • I thought the same. But.
      Even in a stable rules situation every team develops. So if you stick with your current car, you miss out on that. Making the gap even bigger then the 3/4 secs.
      Then there’s the extra benefits which all teams have, so no difference there. Probably adding to the difference.
      So their only chance is to get investment and built a real 2017 car.

  3. Personally???

    Who cares? Its not like they have given us anything since thrir inception.
    Manor/Marussia/whatever, Caterham/Lotus and HRT came in with the promise of a $40million budget.
    It didnt happen.

    This team has nothing to do with Manor Motorsport. Let it die

  4. So it seems likely that the bidders expect Fitzpatrick to take a haircut on his valuation of the Manor entry and goodwill and he is not keen to do so. However unless a sale happens I assume that Manor would default on the entry and be worthless apart from the contents of the buildings so I expect a deal will happen if the administrators can knock a few heads together. I would agree that there is a good chance they could not get a modified 2016 car inside 107% so it probably is not worth the trip to Oz just to be embarrrassed and they more of less have to get a 2017 car running by April. I hope they make it as I would hate to see the jobs of Manor staff lost

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