“Glad I’m out of F1 – Certain people can get away with what they want”

On this day in F1 – 8th November 1992

In what should’ve been ‘Our Nige’s’ last race in formula one, ended with a big shunt with his long term rival, Ayrton Senna during the Australian Grand Prix.

He was to return to F1 after a spell at Indycar in the USA (champion in the first year of trying). In an underwhelming manner, raced six times for McLaren in 1994 – 95 but that’s another story.

Australian Grand Prix ended in acrimony and disappointment after he collided with Senna while contesting the lead.

He walked across the track to avoid a confrontation with Senna, and then slammed stewards for not taking action and his own Williams team for not backing his cause.

“I’m glad I’m out of it. He just rammed me at 40mph faster than I was going. I ran across the track [otherwise] there would have been a big fight and I don’t think that’s the way to leave F1.

Certain people can get away with what they want.”

Senna’s team mate, Berger won the race. The Brazilian was rather more circumspect about the race:

“I think he has been complaining but that’s normal for him. He always complains.”


7 responses to ““Glad I’m out of F1 – Certain people can get away with what they want”

  1. Nigel was clumsy and naturally crash prone, he never neeeded Senna’s help to look a fool. At least he won in 1992. With Prost out, Piquet retired, Senna stuck in an unreliable truck and Schumacher barely a rookie, someone had to guide the FW14B to the easiest and least impressive WDC ever.

  2. With The Internet, Doing A Basic Research Is So Easy For Some, And So Difficult For Others – Oh, Well.


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