Ocon to race at Force India

Ocon at Manor, now racing at force india 2017
A rumour from the Brazilian press says Esteban Ocon will race at Force India next year.

It was widely believed that Nasr were to fill to seat but it’s since been revealed that Ocon with his Mercedes backing will take that place.

With a reduced budget next year, Force India are looking for savings anywhere it can and by taking on Ocon they’ll receive a cost reduction on Mercedes Power Units.

The engine leasing costs each year about $ 16 million normally, that would fall to US $ 3 million with Ocon on board.

2 responses to “Ocon to race at Force India

  1. If it is a matter of pure $$$, what would prevent Nasr from buying the seat? My understanding is that he brings in much higher funding than the rebate Mercedes can offer on the engine costs. That said I do though agree with you that Ocon is a more likely candidate for that empty seat at FI.

  2. Is it just me? or are we having an exciting driversmarket this year?
    I am really looking forward to seening new faces, of faces in different positions then we’ve used to see them.

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