Second race in America

new-york-hd-wallpaper-12.jpgEyes will be on Formula 1’s new owners Liberty Media, to deliver a second race to the United States according to leading business man Zak Brown.

F1’s new chairman Chase Carey has already hinted that adding another race in America, is one of many things that interests him.

Brown who is rumoured to be lined up for the F1 sponsorship/commercial role in the near future, thinks that we could see another race in the states by 2019.

“It’s got to be a priority,” Brown told

“It takes some time, so I don’t think we’ll see it in 2017 or 2018, but I’d like to think that in 2019 or 2020 we’d see a second American race on the calendar.”

Brown also believes that the sport will continue to grow massively in the states, but stops short on linkinng the expansion to the new American owners Liberty Media.

“I don’t think it’ll raise F1’s profile because it’s owners are American, I think F1’s profile will be raised in America because that’ll be a big, geographic focus,” he said. “It’s an obvious territory. It’s the biggest and most mature sports market – therefore it’s got to be on F1’s radar.

“When they went through the strategy, they already mentioned how important the European circuits are, but of course North America is important as a whole. And they know that marketplace so well.

“I think it’s nothing but a good thing – I think they’ll give it a lot of time and attention.”

Mexican GP bosses have pledged their full support for another race north of the border, as they believe it will do wonders for the sport, and also provide a boost to even their own race.

Mexican marketing director Rodrigo Sanchez told Reuters: “When we are trying to build new audiences and bring new fans and create a new fan base, it does get a little complicated.

“We wish we could have more and more races on prime time on our side of the world and I think the only way we will get that is if, collaboratively, there start being more races in the region in general.

“It would be great to basically consolidate Formula 1 in North America.”

It remains to be seen how the news will be digested in Austin, as circuit bosses there were critical of the Mexican GP being moved to a back to race with their race. America is certainly big enough for another race, a return to Las Vegas or a New York street race remain the most popular options.

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  1. If there is a 2nd race in the USA, it will be a street race. Any wish to get a F1 race back to Watkins Glen, Indy or Road America is simply wishful thinking with no chance of reality. The rumor mill may favor a street race in Las Vegas but even that is a long shot unless Liberty Media take control and present the sport’s case to the city and casinos(most would not want to shut down The Strip for 3 days). We have heard nothing about a possible revival of the New Jersey race since Liberty Media’s entry.

  2. Wherever they run it, the American motorsports audience will be waiting with bated breath to hear the latest thrilling news reports about how many “engine tokens” teams have left and which cars are going to come third, fourth, fifth etc.

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