Who would you pick as top 3 in equal F1 machines?

This week the Sidebar has another new panel member, Alexis. He and Tom give us their top 3 drivers and who would be the best if put into the same car.

Give us your top 3 and tell us why.

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29 responses to “Who would you pick as top 3 in equal F1 machines?

  1. In no particular order; Hamilton, Alonso, Ricciardo, with Vettel a fraction behind.

    None have ever been seriously beaten by a teammate, and all have proven themselves capable of the kind of “champions drives” either from the back of the pack or regularly wringing the neck of a car to reach positions that otherwise wouldn’t be deserved.

    Vettel misses it following a dismal 2014, but it’s very hard to separate him from these three – even with a great car you don’t win 4 titles without being one of the greats.

    Verstappen is super-quick but isn’t the full package yet. Give him another 3 years and it’s hard to imagine him not being in this group.

  2. In cars that are all equally flawed: Fred

    In cars that require left-field driver adaptability: Seb

    In cars that are top notch: Lewis


    In bumper cars: Max

    In clown cars: Bernie

    • Regarding Maximus – many lol’s. 😀

      As I see it, Samurai on top – irrespective of the nature of the car. But only by a bee’s d¡ck.

      Can’t place 2nd and 3rd. Too hard.

    • It’s funny..even with all his baggage,Fred always manages to rise to the top. If only he had a machine that could have matched his worth.Inho Ferrari needed a head exam when they removed him.
      I can’t subscribe to Max at the mow,its still early in his path to tip a championship as a lot can happen and he really wasn’t that far ahead of Carlos Jr
      Top 3,no order Alonso,Ric and..damn I can’t believe I am forced into this..Lewis with Seb a very close 4th

          • I’m sure Seb agrees 😂

            For what its worth

            1. Alonso
            2. Vettel
            3. Hamilton

            Vettel and Hamilton can both be superb, but also sometimes questionable under pressure…Rosberg not really what I consider to be the greatest stress test for a driver in one of the most dominant cars of all time. I like Ricciardo, but he is still a bit inconsistent for me to put him up there…2014 was perfect storm for Seb, doesn’t undo 2010-2013 though.
            Hoping for a competitive/reliable McLaren next year to see if Alonso really still has it. Max will have to prove he can win it to join the list, if Red Bull adapt well to regs maybe he can be included next year!!!

          • ROFL I didn’t realise the extent of the moderation,dang,if I cant use s#*t how can I describe LH?…oh bad oddball! 😇

  3. Everyone Rates 27 A Top Notch, But He Has Never Won A Single Podium, While 11, His Teammate, Has 7 Podiums Under His Belt By Driving For 2 Sub Par Teams.

    His 2013 Year Proves How Low MCLAREN Has Sunk After LEWIS Left The Team.

    GO, 44 !

      • **Locally** Hurt ?

        Your hero Is Depressed While LEWIS Is Still There ?

        Start Buying GILLETTES, Then.

        GO, 44 !

          • Believe It Or Not, It Was On Purpose.

            I Do Not Type This Way, It Is The Output Of A CHROME Extension – So, No Exceptions, Whatsoever.

            GO, 44 !

        • Yep, Kimi did look a tad miffed. Lewis put a good lap together but come Sunday it could all change. Monza has a habit of eating cars so I hope the Mercs have a tested lump in the back. I for one have the voodoo dolls out with pins in the diecast models,mark my words,left front and turbo fail and maybe a small amount of oil in the cooling system. Joking aside, I just hope for a clean,close race but given that gap I fear a one/two with a hard fought 3rd

  4. Top 3 (order unsure): Alonso, Hamilton, Ricciardo
    Vettel very close behind, and Super Max soon to join the mix. Also Button can get amongst them when he has a good year.

    Unfortunately I can’t see any of those top 4 becoming teammates for a battle royale in the near future…

  5. Hamilton, Alonso and Ricciardo.
    And the less perfect a car is, the greater the margin Hamilton would have over any rival.

  6. Alonso, Ricciardo, Hamilton. In that order. Alonso can drive the wheels off anything. Given a progressively worse car every year at Ferrari, and still managed to take the title down to the wire few times. Not to mention, the only driver to beat Schumacher in his prime this century…
    Ricciardo: A scrappy bugger, in the vein of compatriot Webber. A wheel to wheel specialist and quicker than he has any right to be. Nuff said.
    Hamilton: There is no substitute for being fast. And even though I don’t consider myself a fan, one cannot deny the guy is that. Championship winner with 2 different teams a rare feat these days, speaks to his ability.
    Mad Max needs more consistency, he’s too hit and miss right now, and as a team owner I’d have a hard time trusting to deliver race after race. Vettel… his RBR days gave him the perfect car for his driving style. Now? I think the Fezza is showing his weaknesses as a driver.

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