Ferrari go soft for Germany

Ferrari have once again gone more aggressive than their rivals, with their tyre selection for the forthcoming German grand prix at Hockenheim.

 The two Ferrari drivers have selected 9 sets of the red banded supersoft tyre, a strategy equivalent to the one that they are using for this weekend’s Hungary race. Kimi and Seb, will have one more set of the supersoft than rivals Mercedes and Red Bull.

 Ten teams on the grid have gone with only one set of the white mediums, Force India meanwhile have opted for 3 sets. The medium and the soft compounds are the mandatory race tyres, and the teams need to use them at least once on Sunday.


2 responses to “Ferrari go soft for Germany

  1. Is this the first time all year both drivers from every team have the same choices?

    Its interesting that Force India have chosen quite differently to everyone else too, I’d imagine they are looking to one stop only.

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