Ferrari identify Brawn to assist with revival

Semi-retired Ross Brawn has been identified as the man to assist Ferrari with yet another staff overhaul, as the Italian mark look to address a disappointing season with yet more change.

Sergio Marchionne continued his ‘hands on’ approach last week during a series of meetings with team boss Maurizio Arrivabene. The aim was to evaluate the team structure, highlighting where potential changes could be made. Marchionne is understood to have approached engineers, as well, to gauge the potential of the current car, and where development could also be escalated to the track.

Ross Brawn’s services may be targeted to help out on a consultancy basis, providing the necessary guidance to salvage this season. It has been thought that an approach for Ross’ services has already been rebuffed by the Englishman, who has stayed away from the Formula One arena completely since leaving Mercedes at the end of the 2013 season.

Speaking recently to Martin Brundle in an interview for Sky, Brawn said that he was reluctant to return.

“My nature when I was involved was 24/7 and I’m not sure I want a 24/7 any more,” he told the broadcaster.

“Never say never about any of those sort of things, but I’m quite content doing what I’m doing and nothing has come along that I would be motivated and interested in.”

A fresh approach by Ferrari may be around the corner, and they would need to convince Ross that the job would suit his demands, and still leave him with plenty of fishing time. It also remains to be seen how the approach would sit with current technical director James Allison, and where and with whom authority would lie.


9 responses to “Ferrari identify Brawn to assist with revival

  1. Bring in Ross and Allison will leave guaranteed. Why undermine your Technical Director? Brawn doesn’t really want to be there and to bring him in is risking losing Allison. If I were the Team boss at Renault I’d be jockeying hard to bring James Allison back and Ferrari bringing Ross in will make it a done deal. Ferrari should forget about Brawn and woo Aldo Costa back from Mercedes.

  2. I don’t think that Ross would work for Marchionne for all the trout in the River Test! However I dont think that Ross has completely finished with F1 after he was eased out of Mercedes so I would not be surprised if he were to take a role somewhere for 2017 but not with the italians.

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