Sauber driver Felipe Nasr wants reasons to stay

felipe-nasr-sauberWe are nearly half way through the 2016 season, and the struggling Sauber team have yet to score a single championship point. Off track troubles have also dominated the headlines, and has left many at Hinwil unsure of the what will happen next.

Brazilian driver Felipe Nasr wants to see some evidence of future improvement before committing his own future to the team.

“I need to see what I want before [I decide],” he told “If I want to stay, if I can clearly see that the team have something to believe in.

“I do have faith in the team and I believe even from last year.

“I had a really good start to the season – my first season in Formula One – and I know the difficult times they had but it’s all related to one thing which is the development the financial situation we had.

“We struggled but as I said from my side I still have faith here, if it can gather things together it can be a place that I can perform as well.”

Felipe believes in the job he has done so far at the team, and also believes he deserves a place on the f1 grid for next year.

“I have been showing the little things that I can do like I did [at Silverstone] in the race like setting the fastest lap in the race [at one stage], fighting with a Williams.

“The last race in Austria we were already in the top ten and in Baku as well fighting with a McLaren. So all I can do as a driver I show you but that is all I can talk about.”

Felipe’s best finish of 12th this year at the European grand is equal to the best finish of teammate Marcus Ericsson, which only highlights the capabilities of this year’s car. In 2015, Felipe finished in the points 6 times for Sauber ending the year with 27 points, and a 13th place in the championship standings. An unlucky 13th maybe?

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  1. it truly amazes me how delusional the mass of humanity is..
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  2. Context to his ‘recent performance’ quote: He briefly ran in the top 10 in Austria due to an extended first stint of 28 laps (finished 13th of 16, +1 lap) and we all know a flaming Flymo could fight with a McLaren at some circuits. You’re welcome, Felipe.

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