Jolyon wants halo to be scrapped

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As driver safety is becoming increasingly paramount on the  FIA’s agenda, the much talked about “halo” concept comes under scrutiny from Britain’s Jolyon Palmer.

When asked by whether it should be averted, Jolyon replied:

“I’d be very happy,” he said.

“I just think it’s pretty ugly, it’s against the tradition in Formula One – I like the open cockpit. I think it’s safe enough as it is otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it if I was worried.

“There are other safety implications as well in terms of getting out the car and the Halo 2 I think is being revised as well so clearly there’s something that’s not ideal about that.

“I think at the moment having an open cockpit and traditional Formula One is where it should be. And the car is much better looking as well.”

During the 2 day in-season testing at Silverstone, Red Bull also ran the halo despite threats from team boss Christian Horner suggesting that he would vote against its introduction.

At the start of the season Mercedes and Ferrari trialled the halo, Red Bull however went their own way with the introduction and testing of the aero screen. The aero screen received a much better response in general, and feedback from the drivers was good. Red Bull pulled the plug on its funding when the FIA favoured the halo though, largely based on the timeframe for a 2017 introduction.

Whichever direction they choose, driver safety will remain a “key point” on the FIA’s future plans.

3 responses to “Jolyon wants halo to be scrapped

  1. The main problem is that the halo is a sticking plaster solution to a very serious issue. F1 is dangerous and it will always be dangerous but it’s a danger that is calculated. Any gut reaction solution to a problem will only make things worst but now the issue of driver saftey has been highlighted then a solution must be found otherwise the organisation is at fault if there is another accident,its a solution to a problem not of saftey but of accountability. The only really effective plan is to remove the driver totally from the cockpit but that not feasible so the next step will be enclosed racing systems,i know it breaks tradition but it’s really on the where does this stop? Bike racing is far worst saftey wise and we will never make our sport 100% safe so why put these half measured half baked ideas into the mix…H+S has gone nuts, next it will be gloves and goggles for poker players as the cards can be pretty sharp;)

    • AMEN!! for decades, we saw tires half buried in dirt on the apex or near vertical concrete 10″ high curbs on apex AND exit, or hay bales or homes or buildings or massive trees or deep culverts within feet or mere cattle fencing holding hundreds of fans 50 feet away from the outside of a 160mph turn.
      way back when the World population was 1/3 what it is now, the US/Canadian/Mexican GP’s ALWAYS had a Sunday crowd over 60k with basically zero amenities.
      the ’67 Canadian GP cost me $5.00 US for 4 nites of camping and 3 days of racing, a program and full paddock passes to shake hands with Colin/Jimmie/Graham/Dan/BlackJack/Bruce and Denny/Jocquin/Jackie/Chris and more…got to touch the cars and kick the tires too!
      AND the track was open to drive on Monday AM because every track personnel left!! sadly, over several years, a few fans lost their life on a Monday Morning…
      a week later, for a massive $7.00 US, I got to experience the same extraordinary racing at Watkins Glen!
      the fastest cars. the most bad-assed drivers. bad-assed tracks!
      pole position won $1,000. race winner won $2,500 champ points only thru 6’th place!!
      WOW! the Lotus 49. the Ford Cosworth that kicked ass at 6,500rpm. the screaming BRM H-16, Chris Amon’s death row Ferrari clowns pit crew, Black Jack’s mega reliable Repco V-8, Dan’s incredibly beautiful Eagle/Westlake V-12…

      you get the idea! drivers who kicked ass for years in F1, LeMans, Monaco, Indy 500, Daytona 500, Can Am, Trans Am, F5000, British Touring Car Championship, etc…

      our entire racing extravaganza has long ago gone to shit due to contracts and sponsorships and 20 events/year.

      sooo, choose yer fav F1 driver. ya know what? until they can PROVE their ability to win everything and anywhere in any car on every track like the ironmen of racing history, they are merely a garbage one string fiddle player worthy of stupid fanboy idiocy!!

      and racing in general: haha.pretty much, all of you are frigging stupid beyond comprehension!!! US stupid am I

      totally laughable, but official US inflation states that $7.00 US in 1967 is now worth $50.76. throat-slicing seems massively appropriate… ROFL at stupid moronic POS muther fuckers 🙂

      in 1978, I bought a 1969 Titan Mk V Formula Ford. never wrecked. brand new Shankle motor. EVERY gear ratio avail for Hewland. 8 super duper lightened spun aluminum 2 piece rims (about 4# each!!!) and 4 brand new Goodyear and 4 brand new Firestone tires mounted and a spare undertray and a spare nose/upper body and a FULL logbook starting with the manufacturing date! was FULLY SCCA and INTERNATIONALLY ready to go with AMPEMP rod ends and SS wire ties everywhere!. I paid $1,800 for all the above. many other similar race cars avail for plus or minus $200, so it was NOT the ultimate buy of a lifetime…

      today, I found a rusty crusty POS worn out un-documented wrecked Titan Mk V with no spares and no motor for $25,000 plus shipping!

      WOW. gotta LUV the incredible very few common respondents to this site …

  2. I’m not sure his opinion matters. It’s not like he’s going to be racing it, is it….?

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