Button’s return to Williams edges closer

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The past two seasons have seen Jenson Button’s McLaren career hang by a thread until Big Ron decides to make his driver line up announcements in December.

For now, the popular British driver has decided to ‘own’ his own future and revealed he will not discuss his plans for 2017 until he is good and ready.

The 2009 Brawn GP winner appeared confused, as to where the latest rumours and speculation have been coming from regarding his future.

“It’s all guesswork because nobody has a clue what is going on,” he told Sky Sports.

“Not until I’ve made my mind up on what l do for next year. The team have already said we’re not going to discuss anything until September, so I don’t know why there’s such speculation.

“We’ll see then. For now, just trying to enjoy the racing. Hungary will hopefully be better and we can fight for some points.”

The 36-year-old also added that he still has the desire to up there competing with the top-end of the grid.

“I want to be fighting for podiums,” he said.

“I’ve put a lot of hard work in here over the last few years with the new [Honda] partnership. It’s been a really exciting project to be fair, having an input and knowing that you’re making a difference on the aerodynamic side, but also on the engine side.

“But we need to take a good step for next year to be competitive – and if I’m going to be racing in F1 next year that’s what I want and what I need.”

The Honda powered McLaren is expected to make a big jump in performance next year when the new regulations kick into place.

However, Stoffel Vandoorne (currently reserve driver for McLaren), is also expected to be in the frame for a race seat after impressing in GP2, and also when standing in for Fernando Alonso earlier in the season.

Rumours are rife about a romantic return to Williams for Jenson and whilst this has neither been confirmed or denied by the Williams team, it is telling the Grove management isn’t publicly backing either Bottas or Massa for 2017.

5 responses to “Button’s return to Williams edges closer

  1. ““I want to be fighting for podiums”

    Then Williams probably isn’t the place to be…

  2. A famous coach in American Football Bill Walsh used to say that the trick was to figure out a year before a player was going downhill and cut him. He reckoned that was the key to keeping a franchise at the highest level. Williams clearly don’t have that ability to spot massa’s career downtrend, it would be a big mistake to allow nostalgia triumph over reason by taking an over the hill driver like JB on board.

  3. surely it is a bit more complex. experienced drivers add to car development direction too. maybe that is something williams needs more of?

    • But if you look at Red Bull’s RB12, it was developed by a 4th year (Ricciardo) and a 2nd year driver Kvyat and is considered either the no.1 or no.2 chassis on the grid. And the Toro Rosso was developed by 2 sophomore drivers.

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