Williams upgrades coming in Budapest

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The Williams F1 team plan to introduce a new floor at the Hungarian Grand Prix. After just 2 points from the last 2 races, Williams need to now fend off Force India for the fight for fourth in the constructor’s standings.

Williams Pat Symonds said: “I respect Force India, they’re a good team, but I’m confident we’ll retain fourth place.

“We’ve got to bring performance to the car and we’ve got to use the car well, and we’ve got new parts still coming to the car.

“Force India have made some good aero steps in Barcelona and we probably haven’t kept up with that. But we’ve now got to bring our new parts along. We’ve got a new floor in Hungary, which is quite good.”

Williams focussed on evaluating new aero parts during the 2 day in-season test at Silverstone this week, though Driver Valtteri Bottas hinted that progress was in fact slow, and performance gains were not as expected.

“We’ve made gains but at the moment we struggle a little bit to put it directly into downforce and lap time,” he said.

“But we’ve found something which also could benefit us not maybe in the near future, but later on.”

One thing that has hampered Williams recently and impacted their outright speed has been their tyre management. The team continue to work hard to understand whether their downturn in performance is related to temperature variations or just simply down to setup.

Symonds had this to say when asked if the getting a grip on the tyres was the key for the remainder of 2016 “It probably is. We need raw performance as well so we need to get the aero up a bit, but it is to get on top of the tyre’s.”

Williams brought a new front wing to Austria which also didn’t bring the performance to the track that was expected. It may be that correlation issues are also harming their development.

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    • Realistic goal, though. The longer a set of rules last, the more money you need to extract the final marginal gains. So big teams then end up on top and smaller teams that made a good initial choice, go down.

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