Sauber’s future still uncertain.


Monisha Kaltenborn has said that there are no guarantees or deadlines in place, regarding the Swiss racing team’s future plans.

Monisha admitted that there was a workaround for the future of the Sauber team, and that the days of counting coins may indeed be coming to an end. Since Austria though there has been no further news to solidify this.

“We are working on our solution, that’s all I can tell you, I’m not going to go down the road and tell you where we are or not.”

“It’s simply also not professional to do that. In any normal deal in any business you get things done, and then you talk. People might be speculating out there, but let them.”

“The most important thing is we have a solution, and we just have to implement it. There’s no point in putting time lines and what we need or what we don’t need or whatever.”


“I understand people want to know, but equally they have to understand that in any normal deal things go the way they are planned between the parties, and you don’t comment on every step.”

Despite all the uncertainty and poor track performance this year, Sauber are still committed to bring updates to its 2016 chassis. This plan does seem dependant on the future funding of the team though, and surely a fine line to walk bearing in mind the regulations will change for 2017.

“Our plan is clearly that we do still have a few things to come this year, which we want to implement.”

“But like everyone else we have put our focus in next year’s car, and when you want to get things back to normality, it takes its time. You can’t be quicker than what time is required. It will go its normal way.”

When pressed as to whether the current solution to the financial woes could fall through Monisha said: “Again, I’m not saying anything on that. I know other teams have maybe done it differently not too long ago, when people used to know when a board meeting was taking place.”

“We’re not going to do that. I am sure that everybody wants that we are around for a long time, and that’s what matters.”

Monisha also reminisced about the last takeover of the Hinwil based team: “Our example in 2005 with BMW is a much better way to do these things, and I think we proved it then – when they came in, when we announced the deal, what we did on the car.”

“There are many ways to do it, and we have a different way.”

Good luck to Sauber. Great team with great pedigree.

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  1. The grid without Sauber would be very, very sad. Hope they can make it work. Hope they can keep Nasr and give him an worthy car in 2017.

    (Comeuppance for that they did to Kamui, though).

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