F1 Sidebar – Austrian GP contact, who’s to blame?


The Sidebar returns this week and the panel give their thoughts to that final lap contact between Lewis and Nico in Austria.

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6 responses to “F1 Sidebar – Austrian GP contact, who’s to blame?

  1. Blaming Lewis for that.. is beyond deluded. It’s strange.

    By the letter of the Racing rules Nico caused the accident as per the Stewards report. Oh dear. What baffling logic.

    The only reason for the crash is that Lewis turned right?!?! Oh dear. With a straight face as well

    • Lewis turned right and Nico forgot that he was supposed to do the same.

      But are you surprised that some would blame Lewis for the crash?

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4LZK5Ko0OU

    Looks to me someone is deliberately running straight on into his competitor. Rosberg has a low enough speed to turn into the corner and hit the apex but does not even attempt to steer in, despite the halfhearted for the camera attempt you can see on the onboards. Rosberg is a Schumacher without the talent to get away with the shit he pulls. Stewards are 100% right and Rosberg got off mildly still being able to finish, keep his place and just a few points on his license.

  3. i’m with Matt, who cares, let the drivers sort it out 🙂

    Nico clearly ran Lewis off the track end of. Only question on Lewis was the manner in which he rejoined the track, but who would blame him after being forced off? Reminds me of Pastor coming back onto the track after Lewis forced him off it in Valencia in 2012, righteously shoving Lewis into the wall. Can’t recall anyone blaming Pastor for that one ;-).

    • Actually, I think most would say that Nico compounded his error by not leaving any room for Lewis to return to the track. I saw several articles quote drivers who were surprised by that.

  4. Not sure how this is still a debate. Nico admitted to blocking Lewis when interviewed by Will Buxton after the incident.

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