Ferrari President Marchionne ‘hurting’ the team



Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne’s lack of F1 knowledge may be hurting the team according to ex Benetton / Renault boss Flavio Briatore, and the Scuderia must make strategic changes in order to achieve their objectives.

“Marchionne is enthusiastic, he has shown us that,” he added. “He thinks that everyone, when they see his commitment, should work better, motivated by the fact the president has spoken. However he is not an expert in Formula 1 – even I made grand claims at the start [of my reign at Benetton] – but then once I said we are solely aiming to win races, we won the championship.”

Clearly Flav understands the traditional method at Ferrari of culling as many team personnel as possible until success occurs, isn’t going to work in modern F1. The team have been somewhat disappointing this season after  promising so much last year. Vettel currently sits third in the standings, but both the German and teammate Kimi Raikkonen have been unable to claim a victory so far. The team is 81 points behind leaders Mercedes in the manufacturers championship with a resurgent Red Bull not too far off the horizon.

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Rather helpfully Briatore has a suggestion.

“Championships are not won with proclamations, but by working like Mercedes,” Briatore told Radio Rai. “Ferrari even have to focus on saving second spot at this time.

“Thankfully [Lewis] Hamilton failed to push the right buttons, otherwise he would have finished second [in the European Grand Prix in Azerbaijan].

“It is difficult to win in Formula 1. Ferrari must not change directors, they have already gone through several of them. They have to internationalise, [and] they simply must open a technological base in England.

“If you produce champagne it’s better to be in France. If you make prosciutto it’s better to be based in Parma. However, if you are in Formula 1 you have to be in England.”

Classic Flav, but actually he’s very likely correct.



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  1. Don’t know about opening a office in England once again would be something worthwhile the investment. It will just tear apart a broken home even more. Ferrari always need unity to work properly. But the italian flare has always disrupted that potential.

    • They use to have an English unit but ultimately as with everything Ferrari they chose to close it. If they could get back over to the UK I would be a happy chap but the team as it stands is Italian..backed by Fiat so I really can’t see a move on the horizon..that said,it would be fun to see Mr Newey have an office located in the UK topped with a yellow shield as a sign.

      • Yes, in recent times Ferrari was dominant (as someone put it an a piece, and from memory) when they brought in a bunch of English-speaking engineers and gave them enough toys and a sandbox to happily play in Italy. Towards 2006-2007 LdM wanted Ferrari to have a more Italian-ish flavour, so among other things Todt got pushed out and Domenicali brought in, and Brawn walked away. Not even Fred could put the resulting cars on the top step. Shall be fun to see how Marchionne figures out this one, though Vettel is still very close to the Merc chaps and if Lewis throws his black cat towards the Nico side of the garage, and they keep playing bumper cars for the rest of the year, the end of the season may be more entertaining than previous years…

    • I lost my affection for Brawn after the tyre-gate saga: he deftly played his cards, politically, but he obviously lied in front of the investigative commission. Then there was the Bianchi investigative panel and their two-page summary whitewash…

      • I take your point and agree, but I think that saying he “lied” is probably going too far.

        He was perhaps “economical with the truth”.

        Or maybe he directly answered poorly structured questions.

        Brawn is far too clever to be so untidy as to actually state a simple untruth.

  2. after discontinuing their British based base FERRARI has turned into one of the most ever dominant teams, and that goes to prove that having a British base is not a must at all.

  3. Brawn will be remembered as one of the most successful man in F1 history.
    One of his most famous opinions expressed in an interview (the number one most important thing to know is what your competitors are doing), that contrasts well with that expressed by his than direct number one opponent (if you aren’t cheating, you are not trying), and (its only cheating if you are caught).

  4. Accurate or not, anything that gets spewed out of the mouth of this crooked shyster gets filed straight into my “bullshit bin”

      • and how do you feel about Pat Symonds now he has orchestrated the Williams recovery??

        • Exactly the same way. 🙂 I would expect that such a crazy stupid idea would have been the brain child of Briatore, but Symonds (and Alonso) must have been party to it all. So guilty.

          I think Symonds was lucky that Williams were in desperate need to find someone, ANYONE to turn their fortunes around. And Williams was lucky that Symonds was on an enforced leave from F1 so readily available to rebuild his reputation…

  5. As the Williams is regarded as (one of us/ours) and as Symonds and before him the ex McLaren man were part of them it is OK in the eyes of the famous part of the F1 media, as was OK with the crashdonador and his petro $’s while it lasted.

  6. champagne and prosciutto are made with trade secrets. an f1 car is a physics problem. Ferrari needs to hire the best engineers and if they are in England then they need to have a satellite office there. I just can’t believe Italy can’t produce engineers as good as England. is it cultural? epigenetics?

  7. What is for sure is yours is a royal imperial cultural problem with a crown pedigree and that includes all your music studios.

  8. I more or less agree with flav while marveling at the irony of him talking about hurting a team. I assume that was an old photo as I read he had plastic surgery – to sneak back into the paddock probably!

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