Missed Apex Podcast: Perfect Perez & Hamilton’s errors

This week the panel discusses the Baku GP pretty gently for 30 minutes until they tried to decide what happened to Lewis Hamilton. After that.. well, it ran long! You’ll understand why….

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Missed Apex is an independent F1 podcast we hope you enjoy as TJ13 endeavours to keep to the mantra ‘by the fans, for the fans’.

The show is recorded weekly every Sunday evening and features a live stream with chat room. New topics and comments are discussed on the Facebook group.

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3 responses to “Missed Apex Podcast: Perfect Perez & Hamilton’s errors

  1. Perez is coming to his best now while the Hulk has missed the boat (big team). It’s a real pity for Hulk to end up being a journeyman. Let’s see if Perez will end up in a big team again after his ill-fated year at Macca.

  2. That was the strangest podcast ever. One segment had a host comparing commenting fans to global warming deniers and another segment with a caller’s diatribe that reminded me of Marin Luther refusing to recant against his lord and savior as he stood in trial.

    • Obviously I didn’t compare anyone to climate change deniers. I said, hey use this tactic to avoid being shot down straight away in an argument.

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