Lewis quick but Alonso is the best

It’s been tough for Button, he and Fernando have endured two seasons with a Honda engine not fit for purpose displaying woeful reliability and low power output. These are aspects the former champions Button and Alonso shouldn’t expect driving for a prestigious team like McLaren. Perhaps it’s been tougher for the Englishman as McLaren’s downward spiral started some time before the switch from Mercedes power to Honda.

One aspect of Button’s career that should be taken note of is his history with team mates. He’s served many a long tour at the pinnacle of motorsport starting way back in 2000 for Williams and the possibility of reaching 3oo race starts is certainly not out of the realms of possibility.

“I have experienced different forms of F1, I’ve been in the V10, V8, V6 engines and I’ve driven with so many different rules changes …” JB explained to Spanish news site motor.as.com.

“I can say that I have experienced things in this sport that many drivers do not have and I’ve achieved things that many of the other drivers haven’t. Reaching 300 is an interesting number because I’ve been through so much.”

When asked about his current team mate Fernando Alonso, Jenson was generous with praise for the ‘Spanish Samurai’

“Fernando is a very a smart guy and someone with a lot of charisma. But not only that, it also has a lot of talent, he is a double world champion and has been close at other times again and again. He is very complete, he is very fast in a race and in qualifying. Always competitive, which makes him a tough competitor, every weekend is a competition between us two, and so it’s a test for me.”

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Button appears to have a degree of warmth toward the double champion explaining “He’s a great companion, I think I could not have a better teammate, is the best you can have.”. But when pressed for a comparison between Lewis and Fernando, he clearly states the differences.

“Lewis is faster a lap maybe, but titles are not won in one round. Fernando is more complete, more consistent driver of all my teammates.”

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  1. I had read it somewhere and I think it’s true. Alonso cannot reach the highs that Hamilton can reach, but Hamilton is definitely not consistent as Alonso is. And that is what makes Alonso so tough. You know you have a 5,000 ft mountain to climb every single race! With Hamilton, you may be facing a 7,000 or 8,000 ft mountain to climb from time to time but some times it may be just a hill.

  2. driving a mchonda Alonso cannot reach highs that Lulu can reach, does anybody doubt that?

    • we’re talking about highs in the same machinery, as in driving ability, not having a better car or not

      • If you are trying to compare them driving the same machinery, you can refer back to the day they did, in which case you will find no difference in heights, even so one of them even had the team racing against him. Your perceived reasoning in what you term as differences in driving heights would lead one to believe that you are really smoking something special.

        • I agree that there was not much difference between them at McLaren, but when you consider that it was when Lewis was a Rookie, and Fernando was the reigning two-time world champion, it shows just how good Lewis was.

        • Salvuborg, you can counter-argue my comments but DO NOT EVER dare to insult my intelligence again or make comments like I smoke something special or whatever. I’ve never given the right to anyone in here to make such comments at me as I’m always trying to be respectful.

          • mclaren78, re read my comment again and you will see my counter argue to your comments, and by the way, I stand with all I said in my counter comment.

          • “Your perceived reasoning […] would lead one to believe that you are really smoking something special.”

            Salvuborg, you are being rude. Not for the first time. Please be more considered when addressing other posters.

          • salvuborg (and the other obvious culprits)…why people no longer comment here.. and for me, as others have already done, why it’s the final time I will read a post here.

          • Salvuborg is Sunny Svatala (think that’s how the last name is spelt) who you had previously blocked

          • oh… and i never knew who he was really fan of. and what conspiracy he meant.
            i feel a big void.
            not really

  3. Well, the turmoil that has swirled around Fred at the teams he’s driven for indicate that he really knows how to push buttons.

    Based on the evidence of Baku, Lewis on the other hand…

  4. All I really want to say is
    Hamilton spent all of last weekend before the race at Baku saying all the drivers moan to much for his liking.

    Well everytime Hamilton messes up it’s always someone else’s fault.
    He is now moaning about the radio ban, SHUT UP YOU SPOILT LITTLE CHILD AND STOP MOANING. There is only one thing that puts me off watching F1 and that’s the English commentators sucking up to hamilton every minute of the weekend and the other thing is when Hamilton gets interviewed have to turn over. Also when Hamilton is winning a race when basically watch him for the whole GP. But when rosberg or another driver is leading a race we hardly ever see them on our screen. This is because we are watching hamilton in bloody 9th place.
    It’s meant to be coverage of F1 not the Lewis Hamilton show

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