Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE


Who was your driver of the 2016 European GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

21 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE

  1. Perez for DotD. His race performance was remarkable.

    Rosberg for DotW. Cool, calm, collected and delivered. His preparation shone through over the weekend. The remarkable difference between Rosberg and Hamilton with respect to their preparation in all but perfect circumstances was similar to the difference between them in wet-weather driving at Monaco. Night and day.

    A well-prepared Hamilton should’ve been on the podium in that car, on that track, from 10th place. Additionally, he shouldn’t have been in 10th place to begin with. Perhaps he’ll adopt Rosberg’s ‘steering wheel sticker’ approach.

    • Could Lewis have had model trouble again?;) I understand he might have had a few late nights with a different kind of study

    • Deffo Nico.

      I’ll have to check again but I’m sure there was an in-car shot of him steering with his knees while he rolled up a dhurrie and tucked it behind his ear for later on that 22-second section of freeway. Kudos.

  2. Racer Ramblings – You talk BS my friend.

    Lewis could have won or got at least got 2nd comfortably with the car he has if Mercedes did not drop the ball again by putting him on wrong settings from the outset.

    This year Mercedes have surpassed themselves in incompetence and you blame Lewis.??

    If the team did not realise they had put him on the wrong engine settings how the hell would the driver be able to figure it out driving on a crap ( Asian ) circuit at 200 mph losing Lewis and vital points in the WDC?

    His side of the garage are numpties.

      • I think the radio message went something like this..

        Welcome to Mercedes-Benz technical support line,my name is Kerry how can I help this afternoon?

        Hi,this is Lewis,i seem to be having a problem with a MBcanttouchthis I am using and was wondering if you could provide me with some advice.

        Yes Lewis, do you have the serial number of the unit?,.

        Ah..error..dang,its in my other pocket,

        Sorry sir I am unable to help without a proper identification of the model..

        What do you mean?..I only had this yesterday,it was working fine until this morning..

        Sorry sir,i just can’t help without a receipt.

        Listen you trumped up fast food worker…I need to know how to fix this..

        I am sorry Sir…have you tried rebooting the unit??

        Rebooting?..I have warning lights flashing every two’s a mess in here.

        Sorry Lewis,can I recommend our new MB08? You are using a outdated system so a update could be needed..

        I have tried everything,if I turn it off and on will that help..

        Sorry Lewis…it’s not a hardware problems,its software glitch..have you tried installing a new driver?

        No..the old one is fine..

        Sorry Lewis,our system is showing that the rosberg driver is more stable for this unit,maybe you can re install and then it could work…

        Line goes dead………

      • A Corey Hart classic

        I wear my sunglasses at night
        So I can, so I can
        Watch you weave
        Then breathe your story lines
        And I wear my sunglasses at night
        So I can, so I can
        Keep track of the visions in my eyes ( we can alter this last line to )
        Keep the visions of the track in my eyes

    • Glad you mentioned the issue for car #44 CharlieBrown.
      What we know about it

      1.) Lauda post race said both drivers had the same issue.
      2.) Toto confirmed both drivers had the same issue.
      3.) Neither of the above could clarify why Nico was able to resolve the issue quickly, whilst Lewis could not – both gave evasive answers on that front.
      4.) Lewis said he didn’t know what the problem was in his post race interview.
      5.) Nico said he spotted the incorrect setting and changed it in his post race interview and couldn’t explain why Lewis couldn’t.

      Sometime later….

      6.) Unnamed Merc source says Lewis’ problem was on the car from the start, whilst Nico’s was not
      7.) Unnamed Merc source says Nico changed a switch causing the issue and could easily just switch it back.
      8.) Unnamed Merc source says Lewis lost 0.2s a lap as a result of the problem

      What doesn’t add up?
      – Why didn’t Lauda or Toto make it clear that the problem was different on both cars, they said the issue was the same.
      – Would Merc really run different software on both their cars, as would have to be the case to back up Lewis having hte issue initially whilst Nico didn’t? (this I find highly unlikely!)
      – If the problem was present on Lewis car at the start how was he able to set the highest speed in the race, as it was set prior to the issue getting resolved on lap 42? Also how was he able to overtake the very fast Williams cars on the straight?
      – If the problem was present from the start why didn’t Lewis complain about it from the start of the race? Surely he’d have noticed it straight away, if not, then why would it be suddenly noticeable later?
      – With the unnamed Merc source saying it cost 0.2s a lap why wasn’t Lewis able to finish in P2? The Mercedes had a huge pace advantage, giving away 0.2s per lap is fairly minor as it would still have left him with a car that was IRO 0.7s a lap faster than anything else.

      In typical Mercedes style, the initial comments after the race make perfect sense, but again it feels like the PR dept has had it’s time messing with it, and out comes information later which yet again contradicts the initial comments from all parties, that includes Toto, Nikki, Lewis and Nico. My trust for Mercedes statements is lower than it is for a Bernie/Horner love child, they just muddy the water with what appear to be half truths and inconsistencies.

      • The so called (problem) is not a problem, it is a (build-in) setting part of the deployment/harvesting setting (mapping) levels. so yes, both cars had-it. both drivers made a switch position change, of which I am assuming was part of their race brief. one driver went straight back to the previous switch setting when he noticed the lack of deployment, the other couldn’t figure that out.

    • The fia being so keen on road safety wont want drivers flying off the road while fiddle with engine modes. Maybe tbey shoul only be allowed three settings – fuel saveing, race and overtake. If f1 is supposed to be road relevant tbey should minimise in car fiddling. The only engine control tbat clark and fangio needed was their right foot!

    • these stories are intended and aimed at the hamfosi, and so only believed by some and not even all of the hamfosi. they are intended to show that Lulu can neither say nor do anything wrong.

  3. Went for Perez.
    Rosberg didn’t do a thing wrong, but I like the Mexican growing up.

  4. Rosberg for me. Perez hit the wall in P3 can set himself back by doing so, the Force India in his hands was faster than the Ferrari of Vettel. If he’d not made this error he’d have taken P2 this weekend.

    Likewise the performance from Vettel was decent too. Ferrari were nowhere on Friday, and not much better on Saturday morning. To get P3 on the grid and convert that to P2 in the race in a car that was either third of forth fastest was a great job by all concerned (as was Vettel questioning the strategy). Ultimately though I went with Rosberg. When the pressure was on in qualifying he wasn’t out braking himself and got just close enough to the walls, Hamilton cracked under the pressure in qualifying and that’s a pretty rare thing to see. Nico then converted the win with relative ease. It’s hard not to give him DOTW, he produced as near a flawless weekend when it mattered (qualifying and race day) as you can get.

  5. well, to be honest, i can only rate race minus start. sorry bernie, even if you dont realise it… it was le mans. for me far more important than any f1 race. ive let quali be for what it was. didnt even record it. as for the race, it gave me some fun twitter time.

  6. in Spain we were told that Nico was in the wrong engine setting, Nico said (we have to see how that switch was in the wrong engine setting).
    in Baku we were told that both cars were in the wrong engine setting and that was the teams fault.
    the team said that while Nico managed to fix the problem inside one half lap, it took Lulu 12 laps to fix.
    Lulu said (I didn’t do anything, it just fixed itself).
    only the hardest hamfusi are still believing what we are told, and that is only because that’s what they like to hear.

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