How would you rate the 2016 European GP? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

7 responses to “Rate the Race: 2016 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE

  1. I’m a big fan of a race bathed in convergence but it was all rather meh wasn’t it, aside from the novel visuals?

    Nearly all the overtaking was done at the freeway off-ramp. The tyres were all over the place. Lewis’ run back through the pack blunted by dodgy software (never trust programmers, no matter what they say). And none of the forecast CF carnage.

    Overall let’s call the race a “push-up bra” or “socks down the front of the pants”, depending on your predilection.

    All promise, substandard delivery.

      • I can hear the conversation at MB about the erroneous “Renault Emulation Engine Mode”:

        It worked fine when I tested it. It must be a hardware problem.

  2. The first few laps were interesting, then it became obvious what the top 5 or 6 were going to be.
    Most excitement came from Kimi swearing, again. And Lewis Hamilton getting more and more exasperated with Peter Bonnington, and by extension the FIA, for not telling him more about his car. I can sympathise with Lewis as there’s so many buttons and switches on the wheel how is he meant to memorise that let alone drive at over 200 mph? I think Lewis will be paying more attention to his engineers from now on, to find out what the car actually does in its different modes.

    • According to the totonator Nico had the exact same setting (both cars had it), Nico managed to put it right (fix it) inside one half lap, while it took Lulu 12 laps to fix it, that’s the version pushed out by the totonator, the version pushed out by Lulu was (I didn’t do anything, it just fixed itself).
      I remember one time when McLaren were caught fixing an engine problem during a race by using two way telemetry from the pit wall.

  3. i dont understand why this day and age the drivers “have” to control the ECU settings manually. Can’t the software people write simple “if this then that” commands for problem correction so the driver doesn’t have to refer to a readme file mid race?

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