Missed Apex: 2017 #F1 regs explained

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Want to know what what we have in store for 2017 season?

Join Missed Apex #f1 #podcast live 8pmUk tonight  with Matt Somers from Motorsport.com & #tj13’s Matt Trumpets.

– Tech pics to be discussed here

2 responses to “Missed Apex: 2017 #F1 regs explained

  1. Watching Iive.

    Question for Somers.

    Any idea what would be the focus of development on the new 2017- regs? Will the teams be Aero focused again?

    In 2012 for example the coke bottle/ coanda was the focus for a lot of teams.

    Will the y250 vortex have the same effect? Or is the new layout change that dramatically?

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