Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2016


Who was your driver of the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

Don’t forget to rate the race as well.

18 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2016

  1. Ric for me. Unlike anything lewis said the pole was his. With a phenomenal lap.
    Race win was his too until red bull toke it from him, for the second time in the last two races.

    • They ‘toke’ it from him … so the mechanics were smoking wacky baccy ?

      Makes a certain amount of sense, actually.

      • Sure, make fun of someone who’s typing in an other language than he normally speaks

        • Wasn’t intending to make fun of you – I assumed it was just a fortuitous typo which was mildly amusing.
          Apologies for any offence.

  2. Has to be a toss up for Ric(who was left out to dry) and Lewis(who didn’t put a foot wrong and drove those tyres well) but I had to vote for Kimi, he managed to crash in such a fantastic fashion:)

  3. My vote goes to Perez, drove a fantastic race. Honourable mention to RIC and my champ HAM.

    • Though Perez only podiumed because FI screwed up Hulkenberg’s pit stop call – and have since apologised to him.

      • This screw up/overlook by FIA and their stewards may even play a role in this years championship.
        2 points Rosberg lost here, might be huge by the end of the season.
        I hope difference will be bigger than that for Ricciardo, or Hamilton (just don’t see Rosberg as worthy champion), so this doesn’t play any role, but nevertheless it isn’t okay not to follow the self imposed rules.

  4. Kimi……. yes, Oddball , crashed spectacularly but does that really make him man of the race?
    Lewis yes, briliant drive, DannyRIc yes, should have won but cruelly let down by his team, or
    Chico for a superb drive, a good call on tyre strategy, and an unexpected 3 rd place. Any one
    of top three a worthy man of the race but Kimi…. no no no!!!!

  5. Hamilton, Ricciardo, Alonso, Perez, but also Huelkenberg for qualifying and overtaking the other Nico.

    Sorry for being a fanboy, but Max did so well in the first half of the race, he deserves credit for that.

    Max himself didn’t complain but I think that driving another ones car might have been a factor in his vision and consequently his driving in that particular corner. Why three times an error there?

  6. DotW & DotD, for me, was Ricciardo. Sublime wet-weather driving early on in the race. Great restarts. From in-car, he was silky smooth, accurate, but working/slipping the car well. Finding grip. Committing.

    His pole lap was extraordinary. The RBR mistake would be a bit painful, but that’s racing, that’s F1, that’s the Monaco GP. Move on, Dan. You tried, and tried hard. Hurts a little more given Spain, but, again, it is what it is. You’re top-shelf, mate.

    Like Monaco ’15, this race serves to reinforce, to me, the great achievements of those who’ve won the race 4, 5 or 6 times. Senna, G.Hill, Schumacher and Prost. They’ve also had Monaco wins slip through their fingers while dominating. Senna in ’88 (he crashed) and Schumacher in ’00 (suspension failure).

    That’s Monaco. That’s why it’s a triple-crown race. That’s why I can’t take a win from anyone who takes the 1st place trophy; in this case Hamilton. So, well done to him. He persevered early on, showed the team how poor Rosberg was in the wet thus initiated the team switch, kept it off the walls, took his/created his opportunities, made those tyres work and defended as he should; certainly no worse a defence than the aforementioned greats. As deserved a win as any.

    Impressed by both Ricciardo and Hamilton during the race. Very unimpressed with Rosberg’s ‘park it on the apex’ wet-weather driving. Also, Verstappen… well, what can we say. It ain’t Catalunya, Max. His impressive reflex-reliant driving will take him far, but only so far. He’s got a lot of polish and work left. Very sloppy and inaccurate all weekend, despite an impressive display of reflex-skill, on occasion.

    Just on the triple-crown, A.Rossi (not the G.O.A.T. in any form of motorsport Vale Rossi!!!!!!!!!!) won the Indy 500 on debut there. Amazing stuff.

    Now to the final leg; the 24hrs of Le Mans.



    • +1 wrt Max.

      I dunno where I saw it – years ago – but there was a g-chart in a magazine (remember them things?) that showed a young driver vs an older experienced guy on a hot lap. Both had identical lap times.

      Young bloke pulled more g’s but was all over the shop – reflex driving. Older bloke had lower g’s generally, less peaky but just as fast over a lap.

      Evidently a young bloke with a steady hand is fastest, while “too old” and “too young” battle it out behind.

      • RogerD,i had to re read that one..I had it down as a penthouse readers comment about who was better at finding the g spot,the younger or older man?😱
        After I calmed down and managed to scrape myself off the floor I fully agree but would like to add that at NASA a study was commissioned and found that a young female could handle g’s better than any male counterpart. I wonder if this is why older drivers in our sport loose their edge past 30? Schumacher could drive around most problems in a car but as he aged he did slow the same problem happened with Mansel and if Senna continued I wonder if his image would have been tarnished? It’s a tough sport and sadly I fear,a young man’s game.

  7. It could have been Rosberg but maybe he had the wrong engine mode selected again. It was Ricciardo’s weekend for me apart for the pitstop shambles.

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