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Rain Rain don’t go away…… IT’S WET!!!! Not the utterly catastrophic mess of yesterday’s Nurburgring 24h but looking SC start as the minutes to the start ticked off. Bit of a shame for Danny Ric’s clever tyre stratagem, but in the pre-race words of Alonso to Martin Brundle “it’s like ice….anyone could win”. A trade any true race fan would make.

What a race!!! It had everything, strategy, crashes, multiple crashes and a brilliant race at the front. AS a spectator, Monaco is like a lottery ticket. Normally you lose, but when you win, it’s spectacular. Wish I could tell you the end, but a work commitment will delay my review till later. In the meantime, enjoy the results and feel free to argue about the following

1. Hamilton tyre call
2. Hamilton blown chicane
3. Ricciardo pit stop
4. Verstappen
5. Sauber squabbles
6. Rosberg pace or problem?
7. Alonso and Perez performance
8. Double points for Macca
9. Raikkonen!!!???
10. Still can’t pass at Monaco. Wider cars next year.


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75 responses to “#F1 Race Review: 2016 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO

  1. Today’s race was what we the Hamfosi wanted ( short of Rosberg DNF as well !)

    I am so lost for words in my joy today but one thing I know, Lewis is going to party tonight like it’s 1999!!! 🙂

    All you Haters …[mod]

  2. It’s not fair! Lewis didn’t deserve the win. He only won because he had better luck on the day. It frustrates me that the record will show he won when it was clear that saintly DR was the faster driver all weekend on all tyres in all conditions.

    And LH CHEATED by cutting the chicane to stop courageous Dan. Then he backed it up by CHEATING again when he deliberately tried to run the heroic Dan off the track. “No further action warranted” – what a joke.

    Did I do that right?

  3. This was the first race this year Lewis has had some good luck in and it seems Ricciardo temporarily inherited his luck . Game on for the championship now, Rosberg doesn’t have much of a cushion no more and I think Lewis is going to overhaul him pretty soon. Great race.

  4. RogerD .. I feel sorry for Dan as it was his race to win but his team shafted him.

    You are being too hard on Lewis . He did not cheat otherwise the Stewards would have ‘loved’ to give him some kind of penalty.

    …..STILL I RISE 🙂

    • I think if you asked Dan he might have a different motto
      …STILL RILES 😉
      But joking aside, Lewis was racing…same as any driver and we are all guilty of crying foul when our guys don’t do well. I have no love loss for Lewis but there is no denying his driving, he made those ultra soft last half the race..that’s some foot control

    • of course he did not cheat, and I am not joking on this one, and by the way, you must have liked it hearing that clown comparing your Lulu to Senna in the rain!.

        • “conspiracy theorist?” Yes, but not a very good one at that, which means not being original because of pushing forward what others comes up with. PS, please understand that I am actually under a court Restraining order by his honour.

          • “it seems that you (me) are not man enough to back-it-up” visitors to this site can easily judge if I am “man enough” to back-up what I say. be assured that I would have loved to, but as I already explained!!!.
            a lot of people on here knows what I was always pushing for when it goes to freedom of expression on here.

          • Well hit me up on twitter then. @bruznic
            Freedom of speech there all you want. I’m looking forward to your critique.

          • I don’t think there was anything in the way of constructive criticism in the “conspiracy” comments. The way I saw it, it was a naked, unsubstantiated attack that isn’t worth the time it took me to read it… It was probably born partly out of unclear English skills, but that is a different matter.

          • @landroni I think that is indeed the fact. Furthermore the excuse of the judge clipping salvu ‘s wings is a rather poor one because he is asked by me, the author, about a follow up question regarding the article. I don’t think the judge will ban him for talking about content related material… and if he didn’t want to do it here I gave him my twitter, where he is free to say anything he wants, yet I haven’t hear from him since. Which leads me to believe that he wanted to make a comment without thinking it through. And when I got back to him, multiple times, he realises the error that he made but isn’t a big enough man to come clean. And if he is: the invitation is still standing Salvu. Hit me up on twitter and we’ll chat about it. Limitless and free

        • Chaps, please keep it on-topic: the Monaco weekend.

          Bruznic, no one was moved by the “conspiracy” conspiracies (see what I did there?), so the way I see it they’re preaching to a choir of sample size one… No need to get overly worked up 🙂

          • yes correct and agreed about “keeping it on-topic” but there is a difference between “keeping it on topic” and being pushed “off-topic”.

          • It’s not overly worked up, it’s wanting an explanation in order to get better at what I do. It’s not that i write a piece every day, you see… Problem was (and still is) that I don’t know what he meant by it. And since he didn’t came back there I had to adres him here. It’s the critique that makes one better, positive reviews are fun but you don’t learn from those.

          • It has nothing to do with back rubs. You’ve said something and it seems you’re not man enough to back it up.

  5. I wish it was a dry race today. That did not happen so we got a bonky tire strategy for the win. Welp, what else is Monaco, if nothing other than a peculiar race in a princeapalkty of a place.

    I really wanted a Riicciardo p1, but oh well.

  6. Verstappen, what a shame. From the hight of his career to the lowest in 2 races. Hope red bull gives him more credit than they gave kvyat 😂. Of course here, in monaco, it’s clear. he still is a boy… but there is no shame in that. Good thing about low points is: it’s easier to go up again.

  7. Commiserations to RIC today, drove a fantastic race but was let down by his team. I can understand his and his fans frustrations, I felt the same last year.

    Brilliant drive by Perez, who yet again shows up Hulkenberg and questions will need to be asked if he’s really a top tier driver like many believe he is.

    Max, not sure what to say other than, after such a high in Spain, came back down to earth with a thud. Before his accident in qualifying, he hit that very same barrier in FP3. Now today he crashed in the exact same area he crashed in FP3 yet again.

    Alonso, gave his usual Alonso performance.

    Rosberg, just like Japan 2014, he was found wanting in tricky conditions.

    Seb and Ferrari have really taken a step backwards this season, is the pressure from Marchionne starting to show? They really need to put on a good performance in Canada…..

    Jolyn Palmer – not sure he’ll be on the grid next season

    Sauber – bet Monisha is probably wishing she had 4 drivers signed up right about now

    Kimi…. Well Kimi


    Had RIC gone on to win the race, he would’ve gotten my vote. But as I tweeted, my pick goes to Perez.

    • “Rosberg found wanting in tricky conditions?” that is totally confusing coming from someone that has watched the race and is supposed to have understood what was going on.

          • Why was it confusing? Just like in Japan 2014, he struggled in those conditions just as he did today.

            He almost got lapped and he had no mechanical issue.

          • However in Silverstone I recall, either 2014 or 2015, Rosberg was performing better in changing conditions (as the Williams’ melted away from the lead)… Though yesterday’s performance by Hamilton recalled me his lapping Button in 2012 Canadian GP…

          • Well, to be fair to Nico, as much as he evidently struggled in the conditions, the only reason he was almost lapped was because Fred had his Trulli pants on.

          • @RogerD

            Well, to be fair, the only reason Fred had a chance to get in front of the train was that Rosberg created that train in the first place and kept it warm for long enough… 🙂

            For the first part of the race, when all the cars were starting to slowly bunch up behind Rosberg, my thoughts were: Are we seeing the re-emergence of the Trulli train? And the place he lost to Hulk on the last lap, when rain resumed, had nothing to do with Fred — Rosberg valiantly and magnanimously decided he didn’t need all those points that day…

          • In this context: Found wanting means “finding it difficult to cope with the” tricky conditions

            However, I believe Rosberg had a car issue – which could have been caused by glancing the wall on the final corner on the restart OR he had some power issue. He can’t be that SLOW surely?

          • @sam
            He can’t be that SLOW surely?

            I think in Monaco, in changing conditions, yes you can… In Monaco to finish a GP you need to avoid putting it into the barriers first, which await you gladly as Kimi, Max, Kevin etc. have all showed. If you’re conscious about this and drive carefully but cannot find a true rhythm, then you’ll just trundle slowly around — not putting it into the wall, but not doing any justice to your machinery. This is what Nico seemed to be doing this weekend.

            It was surprising for this year’s performance differential between the two Merc drivers to mirror that of last year’s: in dry conditions Hamilton was simply driving away with it from Rosberg in 2nd who was nowhere near matching his pace. Rosberg inherited the win after Merc’s cack-handed decision to let Hamilton in without informing him that no one else was stopping and that a stop was not necessary, but Rosberg was not the deserving driver that day. The other two times Robserg won in Monaco he had track position over Hamilton for all race long, so it’s hard to know if there was similar performance differential between the two…

          • the least decent thing that was expected from the likes of you and charliebrown was at least acknowledging the team spirit Rosberg displayed by promptly acceding to team request to let Lulu by which was the number one factor that played a part in his race win.

          • Salvuborg –

            And that comment, is exactly what I expected from you. So nothing new then.

            I saw Bruznic saying it to you in another post, so I’ll ask the same question…..

            Why do you keep up voting your own comments?

          • Fortis, Hamilton spent several laps behind the “Wanting Rosberg” without making an attempt to pass. Somehow Hulkenberg found a way past.
            By your logic, that would make Hulkenburg better than Hamilton.

          • I’ll have you know I own quite a number of famous landmarks all around the world. They cost me a heap, but I think they’ll go up in value if I keep up the payments.

  8. From Hero to zero
    Is the correct expression, I guess. As Fortis points out: Max made too many mistakes in the same spot. I haven’t seen FP3 but the mistake in Q3 was different from today, so it’s not the same mistake. But still. In Monaco you just can’t make mistakes.

    Before that he brought so much joy in my home. I was really gutted. Luckily there was lots of other fun going on. Saubers, Alonso, Rosberg… To name a few highlights.

    • I think it was actually FP2, but the outcome is the same. Same turn, same missed apex.

      That reminds me. Missed Apex should be a good listen this week. 🙂

    • Totally incredible even from those oneeyed hamfosis following the Monaco race to believe that Rosberg’s driving skills driving the WO7 was such that lead to him finishing 7th behind a machonda and a Force India.

      • So what was it?

        As per his words, “I had no confidence”

        So yea it was his driving skills that was found wanting. The car was perfectly fine.

        • Forti, Fortis, Fortis, that he had no confidence doesn’t reflect either way. We have all seen him do very well in the wet. It could just as easily be that the car didn’t give him the feeling that he needed.
          However, he was skillful enough to keep Hamilton behind him.

          • I saw a report that said Mercedes had wound up the oversteer/”pointiness” after Red Bull started showing real pace. That would in turn explain why Rosberg so nearly clouted the same barrier Verstappen did during Quali (where, according to Coulthard, you have to rely on your car to understeer slightly in order to not hit the barrier)l. Which could, especially given a wet track, then shake his confidence for the race and hence his ability to drive the car anywhere near its limits. Which in turn hits tyre temperature,, especially on ultrasofts, which then shakes your confidence even further. Vicious circle, and you go slower and slower. But ultimately the problem was in his head, not the car.

            And sorry, but no, you don’t need to be “skillful” to keep an identical car behind you at Monaco.

          • Bill Mckidd…..

            You say we’ve all seen him do well in the rain, how about providing some evidence to support that claim and not assumptions?

            So yes it reflects both ways, because yet again he struggled massively in conditions like we saw yesterday. Hungary 2014, he spent nearly 12 laps behind JEV in the Torro Rosso holding up everyone behind him. The moment he stopped, JEV was passed by Lewis and those stuck behind him in about 2 laps.

            Japan that year, he was struggling again.

            “He was skilful enough to keep Hamilton behind him”….

            Yes he did, but who’s to say that he would’ve been able to continue doing so for the remainder of the race?

            I’d bet my last £ that Lewis would’ve eventually gotten pass him.

          • @fortis

            You say we’ve all seen him do well in the rain, how about providing some evidence

            Silverstone 2015. Even if Hamilton won, in changing conditions Rosberg was sometimes 1-2s quicker than him per lap. It was uncharacteristic, but there we go…

          • Landroni

            He did that for what 5-6 laps when it started to rain. After he went on to intermediate tires, he went straight back to struggling with the conditions.

            And the conditions at Silverstone were in no way comparable to what we saw yesterday

            So that’s hardly a stellar performance is it?

        • as fortis has declared on here that there was nothing wrong with Nico’s car everybody and his dog can rest assured that there was nothing wrong with number 6 WO7 and regardless the record breaking trashing of 7 consecutive GP wins Nico gave Lulu, in Monaco it was all of a sudden down to Nico losing all his driving skills and nothing was wrong with the car (as per his words, just no confidence), but please do not push asking why a driver driving one of the WO7’S has no confidence.

          • It’s not only my declaration, but also that of Rosberg himself.

            Again, “I lost all confidence” are the words of Rosberg himself.

    • We shouldn’t forget that Rosberg’s first win at Monaco, under Brawn in 2013, was by creating a GP-long train, and winning by going as slowly as possible. (It was still the days of Merc eating up its tires like a dragon eating sheep… And Button, then in his slow-going McLaren, was like “I don’t know why the guys in front were so slow today”.) His 2nd win came after the infamous parking incident in Q3 at Mirabeau & instantaneous reversal on an active track with cars coming his way at full rage. And his 3rd win came courtesy of a Merc cockup on the other side of the garage. However you slice it, it seems as if all Nico’s wins in Monaco came surrounded by some, well, extraordinary circumstances…

      • Wow, isn’t it amazing how quickly history can be rewritten. One bad race in Monaco and now all previous victories are completely invalid, eh. Okay, well. 2013 win was when everyone had to tiptoe around on their tyres all race long. Ros won fair and square. 2014 win was by not making any mistakes, after that one in qualifying (bleat all you want, it was a simple mistake under braking and all it ended up showing was how vulnerable Ham was to his own insecurities). 2015 was basically the same thing. Ham’s paranoia conjured up, from one image on a TV screen, a massive conspiracy whereby the entire team snuck Ros in for a pitstop without telling him, leaving him vulnerable to a late race pass. Despite a) passing being impossible at Monaco, and b) why in hell would the team even do that. Not bothering to communicate properly, his demanded pitstop caused a pitlane panic, and Ros took the win. Suck it.

        You know, for the record, Hamilton’s win this year was really impressive. Yes it relied on Ric’s flubbed pitstop but he rebounded from being stuck behind Ros, stayed strong on the full wet tyres in drying conditions, and didn’t make any mistakes on the slicks. He wasn’t the fastest, but that’s kinda what happens at Monaco, and he snatched the victory brilliantly. Didn’t like the whole Bieber champagne thing, but his driving was great.

        • @Mark Jones
          Clearly these things get you all worked up, so let me try again… 🙂

          2013 wasn’t about tiptoing around for ALL drivers — Merc managed to sneak the pole, but they had severe tire degradation issues back then. Brawn’s infinite strategic wisdom meant that Merc decided to win the GP by controlling the pace and going as slow as possible, to prevent Merc eating its own tires like they did in several GPs before Monaco. Legit win, no doubt, but not by going as fast as possible to the finish line… Rosberg showed nothing in terms of pure, outright speed that day. Had Hamilton been in front and won, it would have implied an identical assessment: as fast as a snail.

          2014: feel free to bleat all you want, but Nico’s “simple mistake” under braking had all the hallmarks of intentional cheating:
          – proactive as opposed to reactive steering input, ostensibly to unbalance the car. No one prepares Mirabeau like that, like ever. In 2015 Nico at least twice lost it in Monaco run-off areas (one in Ste Devote), but none of those times did it look anything like intentional — it was a genuine lockup and lose it situation and stewards felt no need to even investigate anything, which makes for excellent contrast to the 2014 “lockup” incident.
          – instantaneous reversal on an active track, with full knowledge that 9 other cars were hurtling at balls on the table speeds towards him — it’s really a pain to put an F1 car in reverse gear, but Nico seemed to manage it quite quickly that day. Tellingly he did not even exhibit a hint of frustration at “accidentally” missing the corner, but instantaneously reversed on the track with the lame “I thought the session was already over” excuse — another driver would have stumped on the wheel, or radioed in “oh, I missed the corner!” or thrown away the wheel in frustration, but not Nico, not there. And no one reverses on an active track like this after making a “mistake”, like ever. The speed at which he reversed back on the track can only be indicative of premeditation…
          – motive: Nico had provisional pole, so inducing a yellow flag would benefit him greatly by sealing the pole and ensuring Hamilton or the Ferraris couldn’t beat him to it. Track position is king at Monaco, so this can be a powerful motivator.
          – other circumstantial evidence: Rosberg was coming from 4 loss streak against Hamilton, and such performances can be confidence shaking. It can be speculated that Rosberg needed to do something to turn things around. After Monaco Rosberg seemed to turn the tables around on Hamilton in their intra-team dynamics and it wasn’t until the Monza GP that Hamilton retook command with an iron fist by winning 6 of the remaining 7 GPs. This was also the FIRST year ever that Rosberg was in winning machinery, against a fiery teammate who seemed unbeatable since the start of the season when his car wouldn’t break down, so what can a quick and ambitious driver do about it? Cheating your way to pole at Monaco certainly seems like a viable alternative, especially given similar infamous parking incidents like Schumacher’s in the past…

          Of course, the stewards exonerated Nico, but probably because there was no “absolute, incontrovertible evidence” for his guilt, which is a far cry from his being “totally and completely innocent”. I have no doubt arguments over this will keep rumbling on for years/decades to come, but this is my view. If you ignore the qualifying, yes, it was certainly a legit win for Rosberg by not making any mistakes, though Rosberg showed nothing in the way of supreme pace above and beyond what Hamilton was doing.

          2015: the team made a massive cockup (NOT Hamilton, as any driver looking at the screens and believing others pit would have reacted much the same way as he did), and made them look like amateurs: not only they failed to communicate to Hamilton that Rosberg wasn’t pitting so there was no need to pit, but they also broke the buttons on their calculators and failed to accurately estimate the gap between Hamilton and the following cars under VSC — it’s certainly not the driver’s responsibility to estimate whether there is enough of a gap to safely pit. In short, major amateur hour. A Brawn on the pitwall would have simply: “Negative, Lewis, stay out.” Not Toto, nor Paddy. I still don’t get how/why Hamilton detractors keep narrating this incident as “look!, Hamilton, paranoid, conspiracy, panicked, suck it!”. Until that point Hamilton was running away with it, with supreme confidence, and this operational cockup by the team erased the ~25sec lead he had accrued by that point.

          2016: supreme drive by Hamilton, supreme drive by Ricciardo: either would have been a deserving winner that day. Of course Hamilton was aided by Red Bull’s pit cockup, but it was marginal — gained him a couple of seconds, nothing like ~25… Rosberg melted in tricky conditions.

  9. Moments:

    – Rosberg gives away 6th just 200m before the finish line. Like he already crossed it. Napping. His whole race was a drive of a coward. No risks whatsoever. If Verstappen can get an RBR past Button, Rosberg should be able to get a Mercedes past Alonso. 2s slower outlap than Lewis. 1s slower than Lewis anywhere in all conditions.
    – Vettel…. He lacks agression to become a champion or win with Ferrari this year. His position in the championship and the development at Ferrari is such that he cannot afford 4th places. Either you podium or you go out in a cloud of carbon fibre or with flames from your exhaust. Not even an attempt to get next to Perez. Nothing. Ricciardo at least tried to attack Hamilton, while their cars are more evenly matched than a Ferrari vs Force India.
    – Sauber…. What an effin joke. Nasr stuck in traffic, nothing to win for anyone. Teammate whinging a la Verstappen to get past. Ignoring team orders, both wanting a good result for their sponsors who paid for their drives. But then to take out your teammate at a place where you simply cannot overtake. Stupid team management, stupid drivers, typically Sauber. I hope they have the cash for the repair bill. It made me laugh so hard. Karma bitches.
    – Verstappen “wasn’t pushing” but crashed anyway. Come on, learning proces ok, but that doesn’t mean that you hit the wall three times in one weekend. And at such a stupid place. Disappointing. Very.
    – Red Bull…. what the fuck. That looked like Ferrari in the old days. How can you fuck up a pitstop like that!?
    – Bieber. What the hell was Bieber doing there on that side of the celebrations area? At first I was like, who the fuck is that? Until my wife told me it was Bieber. I appreciate Hamiltons attitude towards his friends, but why was he allowed to be there?
    – McLaren…. I thought some people said that they would be close to Mercedes here with that fantastic chassis of theirs and the miracle unique Honda powersource. Surely better than Ferrari and hot on the heels of Red Bull… Right…

  10. Salvuborg I am not going to give any credit to Rosberg following team orders to move aside for Lewis to go past. Because Rosberg was stinking the place out! He was doing an impression of a little old lady on a Sunday drive and not a wannabe WDC . He had no intention of racing yesterday because he could not handle the wet conditions .There was nothing wrong with his car. Give Nico wet conditions on a narrow track he is found wanting! Rosberg’s sole interest was keeping Lewis behind him throughout the race so he gained more points in the WDC. As a consequence, after a few laps after the safety car Dan was like 13 seconds away . Something had to be done because Rosberg was not going to make a fight to win the race, so that was why the team told Rosberg to move over and let the real maestro take over and the fact that Lewis won the race ( with some good fortune in the mix courtesy of Red Bull), the decision was justified.

    What Lewis did yesterday by making the wet weather tyres last until he needed dry tyres was inspired and pure genius. Had Rosberg done the same thing, there would be no end of how cerebral Nico is and he is a rain meister or rain God and he has a master of engineering and the usual twaddle . When Lewis thinks out of the box no one calls him cerebral but yesterday showed that Lewis is as much a thinking driver as well as driver with raw speed

    • do you believe others are that stupid to ever expect you to give credit to Nico?

      • Just like no one is stupid enough to believe you’d give Lewis any credit or not use the word ‘lulu’ every chance you get.

    • If Rosberg “had no intention of racing” as you put it he would surely have managed to do a ‘kimi’ and lock up onto the hairpin barrier at low speed. The harder thing to do was to continue to the end!

    • You really should give Nico some credit though, not for his driving by obeying team orders, because ultimately that is what allowed Lewis to be in a position to win the race. Another 3 laps behind Nico for Lewis and Red Bull could still make an error on the pit call and come out ahead of Lewis.

      It’s very much like the stars aligned and the luck that went to Rosberg in 2015 went to Hamilton. It’s not often you get such a major cock up in the pits and it’s almost unheard of for the championship leader to let his main rival past intentionally – team mate or not. TBH I think Nico will come to regret that, I can only think he had his contract negotiations on his mind.

  11. Whenever Rosberg needs to improvise, he is lost. Nothing wrong with that, he is the trial-and-error type of driver.

    Hamilton finally gets some luck (the luck here being the changing conditions on race-day) and that was coming. Perhaps the lead Rosberg built up is not quite as big as it looks. Hamilton still has plenty of work to do.

  12. Anybody trying to stick up for Rosberg I think Daman Hill said it best “races like these is where the cream rises to the top and people like Rosberg look like there sinking” I don’t think I need to add to that because I think what DH said says it all.

  13. I am amazed at the ridicule and dismissive opinions Lewis gets when he does something great and how some people refuse to see certain driver flaws regardless of how apparent it is. Rosberg, like Massa cannot do wet changing conditions. Rosberg’s only brake problem yesterday was a wet road. That’s his Achilles Heel. Suzuka, Hungary, Silverstone, Austin (gust of wind) and now Monaco (brake temps). Its not like he glazed his brakes. He just had no confidence for the conditions and the set up. I admit, I was never a fan of Schumacher for one reason, it was a one driver team and his team mates were not allowed to race him. Regardless, I could never take away his raw speed in all conditions, dedication to the team and craft, ruthless ambition, and tactical genius. But for the people who really dislike Hamilton, you can still give him credit where credit is due.

    • Well said, half the race on softest tyres?..that’s some foot control. I am still not ruling out a brake issue for Rosb, maybe the harvesting was funny because as we all witnessed he was beyond slow and given the wave through for Lewis I am sure the team were nursing something other than a drivers ability.

        • Mmmm..that sounds like team talk for…’you are driving like a bloody granny’, I just got the impression he was really having to nurse into any corner so maybe you have something,i wonder if the team took off too much tape on the warm-up?, as we know the merc tends to eat discs when pushed but I could just be trying to find a good point to a very cautious drive

  14. Outcome is done and all are alive, even through bad weather and some bad crashes. I must state I am an atheist and it is funny to hear that Lewis (on radio 5 live and somewhat in post interview ) state he prayed Friday and Saturday for a win and that he felt it was delivered.
    All I can say, is if I did believe in some god. I would be praying for less suffering around the world all day long.


  15. The stewards need to get their heads examined – there is no way that Hamilton should have been allowed to cut corners and get away with it. Useless!!

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