How would you rate the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

Don’t forget to rate the driver of the weekend too.

9 responses to “Rate the Race: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2016

    • Yes, gets handed 2nd place, then gets handed 1st place. clearly driver of the weekend…

  1. Again the weather delivers a more interesting race than anything the FOM can manage to bring of its accord.

    It was like competitive chess match out front, not much physical action as such but plenty to ponder as the moves ticked by. A shame for DR – his candidate moves were wide open until RBR fed his queen to the dog. Shut happens.

    Great to see Perez finish in front of Seb – I lol muchly 🙂

    So yeah it was pretty good. Mugello last weekend was better though.

  2. Monaco = 10
    It doesn’t matter if we have a thriller or a borefest. Just look at it. Insane.

  3. 5/10. This was just an average Monaco race. Actually, considering the starting grid and the rain, it was outright disappointing.

    1. Rosberg has technical issues and gives up a spot to Hamilton by a team order.
    2. Hamilton is able to drive half of the race on the wets, and then the remaining 40+ laps on the “Ultra” softs. Boring.
    3. Red Bull screwed up in the final pit stop Ricciardo’s certain chance to win the race.
    4. Raikkonen, Kvyat, Verstappen do not finish the race.
    5. A pretty anonymous drive from Vettel.
    6. WTF did the pace car have to hold the cars for 8 laps at the start? I don’t get it. By the time the pace car left, the rain was basically over.

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