Verstappen rode his luck

Missed Apex Podcast returns this week with their Spanish GP review. Obviously the elephant in the room is thoroughly dissected, namely the Mercedes incident, and show host Spanners Ready explains why he thought Verstappen was a touch lucky with his historic win.

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3 responses to “Verstappen rode his luck

  1. RedBull stitched RIC up in that race. He was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb, so that RedBull could continue to hug the spotlight with Max moving up to the A team. It was the perfect story,

    “young sensation moves up to the A team, qualifies 4th and win the race on his first outing for the team”…..

    Ridley Scott would’ve loved a movie plot like that

    Would they have given Kvyat the same strategy as Max? Hell to the naw the wouldn’t have. Max is now the apple of their eye.

    With news today that Renault may only have 2 of the new upgraded PU’s available for Monaco, any takers that Max gets it first?

    RIC better start updating his CV.

    • Yeah, its going to be very interesting to see who gets the power unit between Max and Ric.
      Rumor is Ric will be using it.

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