Haas quick to take Ferrari upgrade

Haas boss Gunther Steiner revealed at Sochi that the team was unsure whether it would use the new spec at Barcelona but after discussions at its factory, it has now chosen to introduce the upgraded engine from Spain along with Sauber.

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“I’m very much looking forward to going back to Barcelona now,” remarked Grosjean to Autosport at Sochi. “We should have updates on the car as well and a new engine. It’s all looking good. I’m pretty optimistic.”

It’s clear that Haas have done a remarkable job using Ferrari’s help and looks set to continue in Barcelona.

Don’t forget to check out TJ13’s Sidebar vid on the subject.


11 responses to “Haas quick to take Ferrari upgrade

  1. I am only guessing here but Ferrari would not have done this out of the kindness of their heart. Given the fragile nature of the new unit any extra testing will be a bonus for my team. I can only hope that the extra data from two cars will help close the performance gap to the Mercs

    • That was my initial impression too. Get the new power unit in as many cars as possible to ensure they can route out failures quicker and decrease the chances of them happening to the factory cars.

  2. exactly not out of kindness to anybody including love for formula one were the red bullies showing when in Sept 11 2005 they bought-out and set-up what they called their junior team.

  3. I am not surprised by Haas taking the upgrade, but Sauber!? It must be offered free or something by Ferrari for them to be taking an upgrade. That makes me think that Ferrari wants to see their engines do better throughout the field.

    • More customers means more feedback. Sauber has proven itself unable to manage their team in the mid-pack and supporting a Haas will eventually elp Ferrari.

      • Mmmm given their recent history of driver changing wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Lance Stroll showing up in the paddock soon at their motorhome….. His dad certainly can afford it

  4. How nice it would be if we had a TJ13 Podcast so we could listen intently on the ongoings of F1… what happend to the podcast?

  5. Nobody ever talks about the podcast.
    Is there anyone else that would be willing to do one? Maybe we can use this forum to point us new F1 fans in the directions of a group of guys that do a weekly podcast?

  6. Here are some podcasts that those of you that enjoyed the TJ13 podcast can get what you are looking for: NRF1 Podcast, Superlicence, F1and Done. … I’m sure there are more, maybe some of you could help us out and star posting f1 podcasts in the forum to help migrate people who have felt abandoned by the TJ13 Podcast.

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