Questions over Hamilton title challenge raised



Lewis Hamilton is indeed divisive.

He’s been criticised by others within the paddock and fans alike for his activities off track and it’s generally accepted he wilfully alienates himself from the other drivers. Whatever the criticism, it cannot be denied that the 3 time champ is a true talent on track.

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Just broken on the British tabloid press are pictures from Snap Chat of him apparently smoking a Shisha pipe just days after the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, where he was once again beaten to the win by Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Rightly or wrongly this latest revelation will no doubt put question marks over his dedication to this season title challenge against his Mercedes team mate.

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  1. Party like rockstar…..

    Shit i wouldn’t mind standing behind her in the club

    • I must be getting old as I read the title on that picture and thought ‘he don’t look half bad in the undies’😂 maybe the pressure has got to him and he is exploring his feminine side 😱 on a more serious point…I wish they would give him a break, Kimi gets mullered and no one raises an eyebrow, Lewis lets his guard down and the world desends. James Hunt managed to party hard as did the serve, never did them any harm.

      • Kimi isn’t able to win championships and hunt wasn’t either. He lucked in to one. And he partied all the time the people knew him. Difference is hamilton is one capable of fighting for the win every time he has a good car. And he just started the partying after so many year. That’s why people care so much.

      • You are getting old mate 😂😂😂…

        This is Lewis mate, there’s no such thing as fair and equal treatment. I mean, when Rosberg was pictured drunk as a skunk, no one cared. His current problems have nothing to do with his extracurricular activities. So should he lock himself in his room and dwell on what has gone wrong?

        So the title of the article is giving the impression his car has been perfect and he’s the problem, which we all know is crap. So anything he does which is not related to spending every waking hours in the factory, the perception will be that he’s not focused.

        If I could offer him any advice, I’d tell him to continue to do him. Please yourself first before you please others.

      • Overall, I think that Lewis suffers from a case of the “Princess Dianas”. I’d suggest he has an unhealthy relationship with “media”, largely driven and amplified by his efforts at manipulating his own image, his attempts at morphing himself into a brand.

        He’s keen on promoting himself and his lifestyle. He’s keen to be seen as hard done by. He’s keen to be seen as an outsider. He’s keen to be seen as constantly triumphing over adversity. He’s keen to be seen to be rejected by the uncool. He’s keen to seek the approval of his fans. His various social media channels scream “Look at me!” on a daily basis.

        And that is all on top of the automatically high level of media interest generated by him being a top-flight, multiple-WDC F1 driver.

        The point is that you don’t get to choose who has what opinion of you and your activities when you operate in such a brightly-lit, self-styled media bubble.

        Good on him for living by the sword (and he’ll probably win in the end), but he and his fans have to expect the occasional flesh wound.

  2. Excuse my criticism but this looks like a pointless tabloid-like article that shouldn’t belong here. Just my opinion

      • It’s ironic I’d say that you focused on the ‘tabloid-like article’ part of the sentence instead of the ‘shouldn’t belong here’

    • Generally, I’m entirely disinterested in what drivers get up to off the track, but last year Lewis admitted himself that his race performances after he bagged WDC #3 suffered as a result of a bit too much partying.

      Now we see what looks to be a bit too much partying.

  3. Is that because he went to a club or is that because his team can’t seem to give him a car that won’t break before it gets to Q3?

    F1 is a sport for gladiators, not people who turn up believing it’s a social gathering. I bet Kvyat was all friendly and cuddly with everyone, see what happened to him today?

  4. I see, so he is a talented young driver, in a high risk sport, earning good money, single, so he is not allowed to enjoy himself? He should sit at home in his slippers and watch the soaps on tv, is that it? What a non-story!

  5. Good to see the lad’s got his priorities sorted.
    There’s more to life than karting-for-grown-ups
    Plus, its beats looking at Rosberg’s rear end for another two hours…

  6. Gwaan Lewis!!! … mash it up bredren!.

    If I was Lewis , with his fame , his looks and his money I would be doing 100 times worse than him. This is a complete non- story for people who are jealous and pathetic

  7. I wholeheartedly support Lewis’ off-track lifestyle. There’s definitely no connection between his sporting results and him starting to party hard post Austin last year. People should back off and let him do his thing.

    If there was one bit of advice I could give Lewis, I’d say: “G’don ya, Lewis. Show ’em all who’s boss. Let dem haters hate and ewe keep on da puff puff n’ booze, bruv. Who nose, maybe there’ll be another movie direkta wurf hangin’ out wif in Spayn, jus hours prior to da GP, like in Hungree las yearz.”

    Just do you, Lewis. Just do you…

    Can you all just back off and leave Lewis alone!!!

    That’s it. I’m not coming here anymore. I’m done with this site. You all make me sick. I can’t even. I can’t EVEN.

    Look over there… Look! There’s my even. It’s over there, and I can’t. I won’t. I won’t even, even if I couldn’t. And I can’t.

    I know Rupert is behind all of this, Judge. I know it. I know it like the back of my hand… *looks at the back of his hand* Oh, when did that get there!


  8. First up this isn’t a tabloid story, the following relates to content both Mercedes drivers have posted to social media, i.e. they’re promoting this, not news papers.

    Yesterday we saw Lewis in a Miami club with a shisha pipe, whilst Rosberg tweeted a picture from a Charity fun run in the UK (for a UK based charity) he took part in along with many members of the Mercedes team.

    That really sums up the difference between the two personalities. One is a team player who keeps his excesses off social media, the other is a loner who clearly doesn’t appreciate some kids see him as a role model and will happily flaunt an ostentatious lifestyle.

    • Is that the same charity that Lewis did the same fun run with last year and he’s an ambassador for?

      Yesterday someone asked Mercedes on their Twitter account why was Lewis not at the factory, to which they replied he’s not schedule in until next as he’s got other sponsor commitment, which so happens to be a Monster event in Barbados this weekend.

      I like how you’re quick to label ROS as “team player” because he posted that a picture. Lewis posted similar pictures only weeks ago, even posted one about a kid called Mason who has cancer and asked his followers to keep him in their thoughts as he was about to have surgery.

      But your comment is indicative of the sort of double standards levelled at him, he goes to a club, he’s a bad role model, ROS takes a picture doing charity work and he’s all saintly. But I guess you’ve not seen the video with him drunk as a skunk standing on tables?

      Get the facts right before you jump to conclusions.

      • I do have my facts right thanks. Nico was doing a charity event, Lewis was partying. The pictures of Rosberg drunk weren’t posted by him on social media, it was other people at the event doing it. I don’t begrudge anyone the chance to have a good drink. but posting it on social media is silly. It attracts attention and makes him look like a prize kn*b. Kimi likes a drink, there’s plenty of evidence of that. You don;t see him putting that in the public domain though, it’s always the scummy photographers that follow him.

        Also lets cut the bull with the Barbados event. The Festival of Speed event there isn’t something Mercedes are saying he must do, he wants to go because of his family heritage there and he likes the place. You could barely dream up a more suitable PR event for him. I’m sure in an interview he mentioned suggesting Mercedes attend it.

        Hamilton isn’t a team player, stories as such use to creep out of McLaren HQ and whilst he was winning that wasn’t a problem, when that isn’t the case it becomes an issue. Then there were stories over winter about Mercedes telling both drivers to drive for the team – most agreed it was clearly aimed at one man. This story merely illustrates the different personalities the two Mercedes drivers have.

        • What is odd to me is that when it comes time to defend the individual over the power structure, far too many people choose to defend power structure or those representing it (in this case media, team principals, etc.).
          There were no Hamilton isn’t a team player coming from McLaren in 2007-08. Yes, I know he won races his entire carer there but in context with now… those “leaks” came out as McLaren faltered and I know Hamilton failed to play the press correctly in some of his years there.

          It seems really convenient that the words from his side of the paddock from last season about what kind of person he is, how he’s a team player to a fault, are not mentioned/so easily forgotten, or are dismissed as some sort of Mercedes favoritism toward Hamilton as if the missives came from the corporate HQs rather than his day-to-day crew in the paddock.

  9. I feel that the most appalling thing, if these images are real, is that this “superstar” still has a potato of a camera phone. Those images look to be almost at the poor quality point that would be used to hide reality from someone.

  10. Seriously? I’m not a Hamilton fan but if he wants to smoke a shisha, a joint or drink a lot of vodka; let him. He’s allowed to live and let loose. He’s a great driver with 3 WDC under his belt; come back to me when he’s railed too much heroin to drive in a straight line. Bloody squares, long-live the playboy!

    • Actually he can’t smoke a joint. He’s a sporter. And that’s on the doping list. Even when it’s not performance enhancing.

  11. Bigups Lewis…show dem!
    Jokes aside, why should he fit the norm, he’s been literally captured in a sport since he was a boy, like the other F1 pilots. So what, he’s enjoying his life while he can, who are we to judge him. When I was 30, I used to rave all weekend and could still go to work on Mondays. One things for certain, he doesn’t want to end up like Irvine, Herbert, Coulthard or Hill, no doubt, Rosberg will be going down that route. They should all get a life.

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