Brundle returns to Le Mans

The former F1 driver turned Sky F1 pundit, Martin Brundle announced he’ll be driving an LMP3 car at Le Mans on the Saturday before Baku race day.

He’ll share the Zak Brown owned United Autosports car usually raced by his son Alex in the European Le Mans Series with co-driver Christian England in an 1 hour support race, perhaps jeopardising his F1 race commentary duties with Sky the following day.

Brundle raced at Le Mans eight times and in 1990 shared the winning Jaguar XJR-12 with Price Cobb and John Nielsen, but perhaps is best known for his role in the astonishing debut winning Bentley team in the early noughties.

“This golden opportunity allows me to drive the full Le Mans circuit again in a prototype racecar,” said Brundle. “It’s always such a pleasure to drive this magnificent circuit.”

11 responses to “Brundle returns to Le Mans

    • he is also part of the British sky F1 boredom if you don’t believe me ask Alonso.

  1. I might be a strange fellow, but man, how I liked it when Alonso gave him a true wash-down in front of that lady and for all to see/hear.

  2. Are you certain that it was brundle? i thought that the take down was for the jumped up sky midget johnny herbert!!!

    • correction and credit where credit is due, Kenji, you are correct and I was wrong.

  3. To be fair I wouldn’t fancy a trip to Baku either. It’d be nice to get a non British pundit in for the weekend, add some balance to proceedings. Shame Mark Webber isn’t free that weekend 🙁

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